Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Andrew Mitchell should be under consideration for treason charges not Chief Whip

Conservative Home has confirmed that Andrew Mitchell, the man who in the past two years has squandered billions of the small ramaining amounts of taxpayers cash available to the government in this bankrupt nation is to be the new Chief Whip.

Any who saw Jeff Randalls programme last evening on the massive debts the youth of Britain will face as a result of the criminal incompetence of this and earlier governments, will be quite appalled that one of the worst villains of this mindless squandering of the nation's last wealth has been appointed to coral the clearly witless Tory MPs in the House of Commons;

If sense and normality ever returns to politics in an independent Britain, then Mitchell should be amongst the first to be brought forth into the courts to be charged with his own clear criminal negligence in sending billions of our scarce resources overseas at this moment of national peril!



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