Thursday, September 20, 2012

20 years today since France and the EU Commission condemned Europe to continuing crisis.

Twenty years ago today the French electorate split almost exactly down the middle on whether they would approve European monetary union without much European Community poltical union along the lines as set out by the Maastricht Treaty. The so-called "petitoui"

The leaders of France, backed by the Commission of Jacques Delors in Brussels, faced with this split chose to believe it legitimized their subsequent decisions to continue with EMU, their successors in the EU, wider Europe and the western world are now reaping the dire economic consequences.

The political heirs  to their  power-driven decision remain in power to this day, still denying the impossibility that monetary union requires political union which the people of Europe do not want and will ever reject. The immediate successors and original plotters are as follows - for German Chancellor Kohl - Chancellor Merkel, for President Mitterand - President François Hollande and for then Commission President Jacques Delors his daughter, Martine Aubry, who fittingly leads the French Socialist Party since 2008.

These mainly French plotters were aided by Dominique Strauss Kahn, then Industry Secretary who secured extra votes in the French overseas territories. He had already then given up on the concept of a nation state, as quoted on page 41 of one of the links given earlier this week, repeated here.

DSK would today have almost certainly been President of France today, had he had the intellect and self-will to curb his baser instincts as is now well known worldwide. Damage enough has already been done by DSK, however from his earlier having run the IMF, designed to aid only its nation state membership, but re-directed by DSK in a futile attempt to rescue the Euro currency, the obscene end result of these decades of deceit. That task at the IMF today continues under the direction of Mme Christine Lagarde.

Other national leaders were of course involved in what followed. The role of Britain is particulalrly shameful with useful idiots PM John Major and Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd, both being hindered by dullness of thought, the latter no doubt partly ascribable to his Eton background. Francis Maude who signed the Treaty survives in Downing Street to this day as I pointed out yesterday.

The French vote followed a similar split in Denmark where the vote had come down against the Treaty. Another vote in Ireland the previous June had given a 69% vote in favour but there were serious doubts over unequal funding for the 'Yes' side, contingent EU funding and other factors also tending to cloud any judgements that may be formed formed from the result. (These questions can be seen from earlier links from this blog this week and various questions and debates in the Dail, such as this). Denmark, of course, in what has now become standard procedure, was required to vote again on a slightly modified version of the same democracy destroying document of oppression.

More facts will be revealed as the years pass and other factors that caused these men to act in the venal way they then chose, leading so far to two decades of constant further lies deceptions and distortions. One thought I may be able to add that later commentators might miss is the co-incidence of birth places between Jean Monnet (a father to the EU) in Cognac and François Mitterand just up the Charente River in Jarnac sometime later; the implications from the strange organisation and arrangements of the Cognac Brandy industry (largely due to an earlier member of the Monnet clan), the history of tax exemptions and royal privileges extanding back to François I, also of Cognac, all seem to have echoes in the peculiar and downright rotten and corrupt running of what has become (and we trust will soon cease to be) the European Union.

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