Sunday, September 16, 2012

20 years and still the treasonous EU Federalists have control!

It is twenty years ago this morning since Britain escaped from the ERM on what the EU traitors called Black Wednesday. 20 years and yet we are still trapped within tha increasingly totalitarian EU, our democracy trashed, our economy soon beyond help and all that was best in the British way of life and society mocked and derided.

Here is an example of the thought processes of those who pushed the EU cause some twenty years ago from a Leading Article in The Independent newspaper, that October. Will the Independent now apologise for what they wrote before this year's 26th October, here is the link to the comment headlined "Nauseating and pathetic".

Here are some of the phrases used to attack those who correctly perceived the coming dangers from the EU, labelled by that paper therein as "Europhobes" : 

With their mutinous threats they have reduced the standing abroad not just of the Government but of the country of which they pose as such doughty patriots.

The spectacle is both nauseating and pathetic: nauseating because this heterogeneous rump of Thatcherites, little Englanders, xenophobes and eccentric constitutionalists appears to have no concept of loyalty; pathetic because they have no alternative agenda. In their conceit they are convinced they know better than the Government (and the Opposition) where this country's true interests lie. 

The Europhobes' idea of the EC reverting to a mere Common Market is a naive anachronism.

...readiness to divide the party, to its own great detriment

 ...pathetic because they have no alternative agenda. In their conceit they are convinced they know better than the Government (and the Opposition) where this country's true interests lie. But what vision do they substitute? Not, to be sure, of a perfidious Albion notorious for going back on treaties that it has signed; nor of a country whose outdated notions of sovereignty led either to Britain being marginalised in Europe, or to a historic undermining of the EC's role as a bulwark against resurgent nationalism.

Of course it is not just The Independent newspaper that should now apologise or be held to account. It is the entire EU federalist British Establishment, who have used every slur and dirty trick in the book to discredit those who clearly saw the dangers and tried to thwart their sordid self-serving schemes which have today landed us in this present shambles which should for most beggar belief.

No such disbelief will be found amongst those of us who were the most sceptical, the very worried and denigrated few who saw exactly how matters would end up from the earliest stages and so, almost daily, fought against it. I count myself amongst that few, and so expect no apology, for I believe those behind the scheme knew exactly what they were about and that they today stand on the brink of its achievement. This chaos did not come by chance! There were no good intentions in the minds of those who led us to this nightmare.

Cameron was complicit in Downing Street, mindlessly launching interest rates through the ceilings in pursuit of German orders through Major and Lamont, today he requires no such intermediaries to continue his decades long task of destroying our nation. I will twitter the events as they occurred twenty long years ago, when we still owned our Parliament and democracy, our utilities and industry, self-sufficient in energy and fuel and still sovereign. All now gone, destroyed by our establishment and their puppet politicos!


Anonymous Tickety said...

I remember those days well. My wife and I voted against staying in the EC in 1975? but seemed alone amongst other friends and associates who gladly voted to stay in. Fools. Every newspaper was pro the EC. Curse that treacherous bastard Heath.
Your site is one of my favourites, please keep up the good work, We have sadly lost Capt Ranty.

7:23 AM  
Blogger Martin said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement. Events are proving you correct but at what fearsome cost to us all!

12:58 PM  

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