Sunday, September 30, 2012

My reply to John Redwood this morning - EU evil

John Redwood has a "Must be Read" posting this morning, linked here, which I have already retweeted! My reply was as follows:

Martin Cole
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Who delegated them all these powers and still refuse to acknowledge that anything is amiss or do anything about gaining their repatriation?
Can you please not take these arguments to your colleagues in the Conservative Party who continue to give their support to this Coalition Government, which from your own arguments above is destroying the economic well-being of our country and the Continent within which it must seek to survive.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Floods and Gales

A week ago today I warned of the gales that generally occurr around this time of year, which duly showed up in much of the UK this past week, they also brought flooding, as is increasingly the case, presumably because of the lack of any moral compass amongst the creatures who infest the three main political parties who run our councils, regions, counties and other local and central government plus the greed driven, pension padding, so-called public servants who mindlessly follow their instructions.

In order to keep some contact with the area of my birth I sometimes watch the BBC South West local news where this week we were amazingly informed, and supposedly intended to believe, that a huge new town to be built in East Devon will add no new risk of flooding whatsoever.

What absolute scum bags are led in their parties by Cameron, Milliband and Clegg, look what they have together wrought upon Britain, with a Prime Minister who now acts as though his sole function is a form of show business.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

The French budget today will fail unless France returns to the Franc

That's it for today folks, short and sweet so worth repeating:

The French budget today will fail unless France returns to the Franc!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My reply to John Redwood this morning - CoalitionBenefits for Tories

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A necessarily short posting I note!

David Cameron's delusions of decency!

What could have possessed the shady and clearly dubious individual who presently occupies the post of Prime Minister of our bankrupted, EU oppressed and broken nation to present himself as a pawn for victimisation on a popular late night TV show from New York last evening?

I believe the answer must lie in  some form of complicated act of self-delusion. Inside perhaps Cameron believes the PR myth his trade and close advisors have spun around him. Yesterday also co-incided with an announcement that two of his shady side-kicks on criminal charges, Brookes and Coulson, will have their criminal trial delayed for a full year, presumably to give Cameron the chance of undeservedly earning another full year of Prime-Ministerial pension. The bad taste in the mouth over Mitchell rumbles along while Hunt's promotion in spite of major probity questions regarding his relationship with the Murdochs remain unanswered.

Amazing, is it not, that Cameron would have risked having such matters probed on US TV, let alone his possible reasoning functions having been affected by his teenage experimentations with illegal substances? He was lucky not knowing the English for Magna Carta seems the major public stain he will take away from the experience, we must hope that his Conservative Party backbenchers soon find a means to more fully expose his real nature before their party is completely destroyed.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Turkish Weekly reports 65 Madrid injuries; is EU news blackout in force?

Last night I had to rely on a report from Jakarta to find out what was occurring in the Capital City of neighbouring Spain. This morning the most detailed report is from Turkey, linked here.

This cannot be co-incidence. The link to a YouTube report from the Google News web page for Madrid, titled "Spain Protests, Eerie feeling on Madrid Streets " does not work although another report is available from Australia.

Europeans have truly sacrificed their democracies and freedoms as that latter report confirms: 

"Riot police in helmets on Tuesday charged to clear thousands of protesters who swamped the Plaza de Neptuno square yelling "Shame!" and "Resign!", addressing the government."

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Privilege has warped the minds of the Coalition's Leaders

Cameron will address the UN today and pledge more of the money, the borrowing of which has bankrupted our nation, to be mindlessly directed to often mindless and rash expenditure overseas.

The man until recently charged with directing the spending of these wasted billions is the increasingly grotesque, privilege warped, silver spooned and quite clearly thoroughly obnoxious Andrew Mitchell MP, presently clinging to the office of Chief Whip, a fitting final tenure for a boy nicknamed "Thrasher" during his final days at Rugby School.

The Daily Telegraph publishes the police log of the circumstances of Mr Mitchell being recorded in his use of the word "plebs" commonly used by Public Scoolboys to refer to the 99.9% of humanity they consider beneath them, and thereby unworthy of any consideration:

There were several members of public present as is the norm opposite the pedestrian gate and as we neared it, Mr MITCHELL said: "Best you learn your f------ don’t run this f------ government...You’re f------ plebs." The members of public looked visibly shocked and I was somewhat taken aback by the language used and the view expressed by a senior government official. I can not say if this statement was aimed at me individually, or the officers present or the police service as a whole.

Should Mitchell's position amongst the elite of the country, in the midst of this useless Cabinet of Coalition Clots, be allowed to alone refute the evidence of a Police Log to avoid the consequences of his own ill temper and anger induced actions?

Monday, September 24, 2012

UKIP Speech from O'Flynn

Daily Express columnist Patrick O'Flynn addresses UKIP Conference

Eurozone countries prepare to manufacture cash from thin air.

The fact that even the German IFO index (report here) is now on such a declining trend pay help to explain this other startling report from EurActiv, linked here:

The spokeswoman said that the ESM would have the same tools as the EFSF.
She also said that German liability remained capped at €190 billion and added that when work had been completed at an EU level, the result would be presented to the German Bundestag, the lower house of parliament, for approval.
The figure of €2 trillion was, however, incomprehensible, she said.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My reply to John Redwood today - Britain blocking EU Budget

Martin Cole
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Quite right! The problem lies in your second paragraph in the use of your word “We” at the start of the last two sentences. The majority of Britain’s voters can now be included in that “We” but as ever the leaders of the three main poltical parties cannot. They want continuing personal wealth and power which they still believe can best be obtained by them via the EU.
Happily the decision looks likely to soon be removed from their control, we are being eased out, and not too discreetly either. See the Polish Foreign Minister’s plea from Blenheim made this week.
In my blog today I plead for a National Government which need must be seen as increasingly obvious as the party conference proceeds. Would I could suggest a likely leader, it clearly cannot be Cameron!

Coalition Yes - BUT in a National Government!

The UKIP Conference, read here, will be again the only one of another three such, to address the major problem facing the country and Europe.

The disaster affecting the international trading nations of the world that requires the most urgent attention is today known as the Euro Crisis. It centres around a small group of 17 European countries who seek to restrict trade and money flows in order to perpetuate an illusion of Marxist Collectivist Prosperity among their populations which has actuallyhas drowned them in debt and is now devestating any creativity they previously possessed in petty regulation and mindless conformity. It sucks in 10 more once independent nations tied by Treaty to the rotting hulk of the sinking mammoth, of which Britain is one.

Britain has a huge paucity of talent in the corrupted stagnant pond of the House of Commons from which our political leadership, constitutionally, must mostly be drawn. Given the past election result making single party rule an impossibility it is a disgrace that most ministerial experience available to the nation is now sidelined on the opposition benches.

Possibly as soon as this coming week, with the Spanish request for a bailout, the whole pack of cards is about to fall in Europe. To weather such a storm the British people deserve the best skill and experience that can be summoned from all across the Commons and Lords to confront the consequences. With luck the Obama, Geitner, Bernanke, Clinton team in the USA will continue to fend off the consequences of this disaster for a few more weeks to the other side of the US Presidential elections, such a breathing space will allow time for
fresh ministers to assume their new roles in a new UK National Government.

Watch the Lib/Dems in Brighton this week, with worse still to come from the two largest parties, can we really allow this farce to continue while the elephant in the room is ignored?

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

My reply to John Redwood today - EU referendum

Martin Cole
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I am looking forward to tomorrow’s post. While the front benches remain committed to the EU, realities seem increasingly likely to drive any decision to be eventually taken by a referendum. The essential for the result of such a vote to take us out of the non-democratic collectivist socialised mess that the EU has already become will perhaps depend upon a feasible alternative being available for trade and interchanges elsewhere, most likely among other English speaking countries across the globe.
Could a group of cross-party backbenchers not make the preliminary contacts so that more than vague suggestions are available to be put to voters when the long-awaited and crucial question is at long last put to voters?

The Autumnal Equinox and Precession

Today is the Autumn Equinox, when our sun recrosses the Equator on its jouney to summer in the Southern Hemisphere bringing the north our winter. As a seafarer I recall a belief in strong gales for the Channel and Western Approaches during this season and to this day avoid Channel crossings at this time of year.

The precession of the equinoxes is a fascinating concept, elementary and essential for navigators, which is handled in an extremely informative manner by Wikipedia, linked here, which I commend to those wishing to grasp the place and movement of our earth in this vast universe plus the incredible now near fact that the ancients calculated the cycle of precession, perhaps indicating we are losing rather than gaining knowledge and wisdom, a reality made daily ever plainer as our low calibre political leaders struggle to grasp the fundamentals of what are quite clearly fairly simple basic economic problems.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Franco/German Year opens today - Was Maastricht Maude their UK Mole?

The celebrations for the Année Franco/Allemande are about to kick off. They will lead to a great celebration  next January on the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the Elysée Treaty by De Gaulle and Adenauer.

Some excuse for such arrangements may have been acceptable in the early stages of the EU, it is many years since they should have long since ceased in any arrangement of equals.

Far from celebrating the economic crisis into which such a side deal has contributed to delivering the 27 former nation states of Europe, now comprising the EU, should it not rather rather be an occasion for deep thought and early reform.

Nevertheless, here we are as we are, and what a fine mess it is too, very largely brought upon us all we 27 by the successive Governments of France and Germany. We must, therefore, now rescue ourselves!

Times move along, how Thatcher was removed and Maastricht thus enabled, how Britain became economically neutered and its industries sequestered will all in the fullness of time be revealed.

This week, without Britain, most of the EU countries got their Foreign Ministers together and decided to push ahead towards full union together, eventually with a European army. We were not invited, talk of whether we stay in the EU, by referendum or otherwise, is no longer relevant. We have been publicly excluded. How now do we therefore proceed. Perhaps Nigel Farage of UKIP will be asked such a question on Radio 4 Today this morning, although I doubt he will.

So let us turn to something we can control, how do we proceed to rectify these decades of disastrous errors with those responsible still holding power. A start could be made by removing those most obviously involved.

My researches on Maastricht this week have revealed the part played by one signatory, Minister for the Cabinet, Francis Maude, in the removal of Maggie Thatcher, an essential step for the enactment of Maastricht.

Happily he has continued to act in a manner that makes it surprising the Cabinet table is filled (particularly when including members of another party) with such a companion at the table. Brief researches of his more recent actions revealed his expenses history leading to four residences and an extraordinary attempt to raise Cabinet Ministers' pensions, alone among public servants, at the peak of the austerity drive earlier this year, both of which I linked on Twitter yesterday, but may be read again, here and here.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

20 years today since France and the EU Commission condemned Europe to continuing crisis.

Twenty years ago today the French electorate split almost exactly down the middle on whether they would approve European monetary union without much European Community poltical union along the lines as set out by the Maastricht Treaty. The so-called "petitoui"

The leaders of France, backed by the Commission of Jacques Delors in Brussels, faced with this split chose to believe it legitimized their subsequent decisions to continue with EMU, their successors in the EU, wider Europe and the western world are now reaping the dire economic consequences.

The political heirs  to their  power-driven decision remain in power to this day, still denying the impossibility that monetary union requires political union which the people of Europe do not want and will ever reject. The immediate successors and original plotters are as follows - for German Chancellor Kohl - Chancellor Merkel, for President Mitterand - President François Hollande and for then Commission President Jacques Delors his daughter, Martine Aubry, who fittingly leads the French Socialist Party since 2008.

These mainly French plotters were aided by Dominique Strauss Kahn, then Industry Secretary who secured extra votes in the French overseas territories. He had already then given up on the concept of a nation state, as quoted on page 41 of one of the links given earlier this week, repeated here.

DSK would today have almost certainly been President of France today, had he had the intellect and self-will to curb his baser instincts as is now well known worldwide. Damage enough has already been done by DSK, however from his earlier having run the IMF, designed to aid only its nation state membership, but re-directed by DSK in a futile attempt to rescue the Euro currency, the obscene end result of these decades of deceit. That task at the IMF today continues under the direction of Mme Christine Lagarde.

Other national leaders were of course involved in what followed. The role of Britain is particulalrly shameful with useful idiots PM John Major and Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd, both being hindered by dullness of thought, the latter no doubt partly ascribable to his Eton background. Francis Maude who signed the Treaty survives in Downing Street to this day as I pointed out yesterday.

The French vote followed a similar split in Denmark where the vote had come down against the Treaty. Another vote in Ireland the previous June had given a 69% vote in favour but there were serious doubts over unequal funding for the 'Yes' side, contingent EU funding and other factors also tending to cloud any judgements that may be formed formed from the result. (These questions can be seen from earlier links from this blog this week and various questions and debates in the Dail, such as this). Denmark, of course, in what has now become standard procedure, was required to vote again on a slightly modified version of the same democracy destroying document of oppression.

More facts will be revealed as the years pass and other factors that caused these men to act in the venal way they then chose, leading so far to two decades of constant further lies deceptions and distortions. One thought I may be able to add that later commentators might miss is the co-incidence of birth places between Jean Monnet (a father to the EU) in Cognac and François Mitterand just up the Charente River in Jarnac sometime later; the implications from the strange organisation and arrangements of the Cognac Brandy industry (largely due to an earlier member of the Monnet clan), the history of tax exemptions and royal privileges extanding back to François I, also of Cognac, all seem to have echoes in the peculiar and downright rotten and corrupt running of what has become (and we trust will soon cease to be) the European Union.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Germany the linchpin of Maastricht, EMU & the €uro

In this week's study of the disaster that was Maastricht that this blog is undertaking to mark the 20th anniversary of the "petitoui" referendum in France, on the eve of that dreadful day, we should consider Germany. Happily in view of the crucial importance of this European dominant nation much is already written and a couple of links will quickly provide all the curious reader may today wish to learn of the history. The first is a Google Books ebook, available to be read online click here, titled "France Germany and the European Union, Maastricht and after" by Aparajita Endow (unhappily not complete) and from here, extracts from Michael J Baun's, "The Maastricht Treaty as High Politics: Germany, France and European integration"

The German people, as today were not consulted over the destruction of their once treasured money, as is the case today when their Constitutional Court at Karlsruhe has again decided there are no constitutional difficulties being presented in the face of the destruction of their parliament and the sovereignty of their nation in the face of an almost completely united front put up by their political parties.

This very week a poll in Germany has shown that 65% of Germans believe they would be better off without the Euro, very close to the 64% of French who this week would vote NO to Maastricht. Two thirds of these two large countries being against the ruinous policy that has caused economic chaos cannnot be ignored for much longer. In Germany a long election campaign is about to begin, the crunch is coming.

Across the three largest countries of Europe the political parties who delivered Maastricht remain in power, in Britain the conspiracy at work behind the scenes is brilliantly illustrated by the fact of the signature of Francis Maude on the Treaty itself, the man who now sits at the heart of Downing Street, no doubt dextrously pulling strings, Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Maastricht - The Prime Essential: Removing Margaret Thatcher

The history of what was to become the Euro common currency, now signified by this debased sign €,  as told by the EU itself, linked here, provides useful clues as to how the first absolutely essential requirement, namely the removal of Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister of Britain, came to be gradually perceived and accepted. This first dark act was to lead to many others in the long and sordid story of how the single currency has today brought Europe to its economic knees.

Thatcher in her own memoirs "The Downing Street Years" (Harper Collins page 759) describes her longstanding and continuing opposition to EMU as she prepared for and attended the Strasbourg EC Council meeting in December 1989:

I was as strongly opposed to the holding of an IGC on economic and monetary union as ever. Equally I had little hope of blocking it altogether.... By the time I arrived in Strasbourg I knew that I would be more or less on my own. I decided to be sweetly reasonable throughout, since there was no point in causing gratuitous offence when I could not secure what I really wanted.

An IGC was eventually agreed for December 1990, later to be joined by another on political union which all then came together yet another year later at the Maastricht Summit of December 1991, the outcome of which causes the almost pan-European miserywe are witnessing today.

Thatcher was removed from Downing Street before these IGC even began their deliberations. One of the tools for that removal was the ambitious Michael Heseltine, a brief read of whose Early Life and business dealings must have made him the perfect tool  to those intent on removing Margaret Thatcher from office, an essential if the European federalists were to succed in neutering national democracies and imposing their chosen weapon of control, the Euro, all across the then 12 member states of the European Community.

The Danish NO to the first referendum on the Maastricht Treaty

The headline to this posting speaks volumes on Europe's plight in 2012. The following summary of an article from here, provides a good overview of what occurred:

Niels Finn Christiansen

The Danish No to Maastricht

June 2nd 1992 was a remarkable day in the history of Denmark, and perhaps in the history of post-World War II Europe. In a referendum a majority of Danes rejected the Treaty of Maastricht, which a few months earlier had so laboriously been knit together by the ec heads of government, their foreign ministers and Brussels bureaucrats. It is true that the No victory was won by a very narrow margin—50.7 per cent against, as opposed to 49.3 per cent for, a difference of approximately 40,000 votes. Nevertheless, rejection of the Treaty dealt a severe blow to the political and economic establishment in the country; and, notwithstanding Denmark’s relatively minor status within the ec, it certainly disturbed the Eurocrats. Furthermore, it seems to have played a decisive role in François Mitterrand’s decision to put the issue to the French people in a similar referendum.

A better and fuller explanation of exactly why the Danish electorate were so much wiser and more competent than their elected legislators with an uncanny nose for the workings and mechanics of their own nation can be gathered from this pdf file on the Danish initial rejection of the Maastricht Treaty which describes the shock of that rejection as follows:

Obervers were puzzled by the refusal of the Danish electorate to heed the advice of the politicians. After all, some 80 per cent of the Members of Parliament (the Folketing) had advocated a Yes to the Maastricht Treaty.

As happened yesterday I will be tweeting interesting links I find on this topic during today as I research tomorrow's posting on the disaster Maastricht is still yet proving itself to be.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Maastricht the monstrous treaty that crippled a Continent

This week will see the twentieth anniversary of the French referendum on the Maastricht Treaty, the "petit oui" as it has come to be known, some suggestions have been made that it may well have been a "petit non" but that is bye the bye for the time being, enough history has now passed and enough detail of the manner in which this disaster was rammed through the parliaments it was to destroy, makes that terrifying suggestion become almost insignificant.

Looking at the abhorrent EU today, (especially in the light of the absurd State of the EU speech, by the odious Commission President in the obscenity of the European Parliament last week,) are there any within Europe, other than those benefitting from its clearly corrupt institutions and structures, who can claim it as anything other than an absolute and complete disaster?

This blog will be providing links and details during the coming week of just how low our national politicians sank in enacting this Treaty and how warnings of the certain economic failure and collapse that would follow were callously ignored.

Whether at the end we will be any closer to identifying their motives remains doubtful.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Black Wednesday - See David Cameron on Lamont's right

David Cameron forever serving the interests of the EU at the expense of the people of Britain, now rewarded by his EU masters with the premiership of our enslaved and subservient state!

20 years have passed since those Tories in charge conclusively proved they would do anything their controllers on the Continent required, even to the point of complete and utter hopelessness and the expenditure of billions upon billions of pounds, just as today they bankrupt our country to save the basket case currency that is the Euro

20 years and still the treasonous EU Federalists have control!

It is twenty years ago this morning since Britain escaped from the ERM on what the EU traitors called Black Wednesday. 20 years and yet we are still trapped within tha increasingly totalitarian EU, our democracy trashed, our economy soon beyond help and all that was best in the British way of life and society mocked and derided.

Here is an example of the thought processes of those who pushed the EU cause some twenty years ago from a Leading Article in The Independent newspaper, that October. Will the Independent now apologise for what they wrote before this year's 26th October, here is the link to the comment headlined "Nauseating and pathetic".

Here are some of the phrases used to attack those who correctly perceived the coming dangers from the EU, labelled by that paper therein as "Europhobes" : 

With their mutinous threats they have reduced the standing abroad not just of the Government but of the country of which they pose as such doughty patriots.

The spectacle is both nauseating and pathetic: nauseating because this heterogeneous rump of Thatcherites, little Englanders, xenophobes and eccentric constitutionalists appears to have no concept of loyalty; pathetic because they have no alternative agenda. In their conceit they are convinced they know better than the Government (and the Opposition) where this country's true interests lie. 

The Europhobes' idea of the EC reverting to a mere Common Market is a naive anachronism.

...readiness to divide the party, to its own great detriment

 ...pathetic because they have no alternative agenda. In their conceit they are convinced they know better than the Government (and the Opposition) where this country's true interests lie. But what vision do they substitute? Not, to be sure, of a perfidious Albion notorious for going back on treaties that it has signed; nor of a country whose outdated notions of sovereignty led either to Britain being marginalised in Europe, or to a historic undermining of the EC's role as a bulwark against resurgent nationalism.

Of course it is not just The Independent newspaper that should now apologise or be held to account. It is the entire EU federalist British Establishment, who have used every slur and dirty trick in the book to discredit those who clearly saw the dangers and tried to thwart their sordid self-serving schemes which have today landed us in this present shambles which should for most beggar belief.

No such disbelief will be found amongst those of us who were the most sceptical, the very worried and denigrated few who saw exactly how matters would end up from the earliest stages and so, almost daily, fought against it. I count myself amongst that few, and so expect no apology, for I believe those behind the scheme knew exactly what they were about and that they today stand on the brink of its achievement. This chaos did not come by chance! There were no good intentions in the minds of those who led us to this nightmare.

Cameron was complicit in Downing Street, mindlessly launching interest rates through the ceilings in pursuit of German orders through Major and Lamont, today he requires no such intermediaries to continue his decades long task of destroying our nation. I will twitter the events as they occurred twenty long years ago, when we still owned our Parliament and democracy, our utilities and industry, self-sufficient in energy and fuel and still sovereign. All now gone, destroyed by our establishment and their puppet politicos!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Another fine mess of a prediction from Olli - EU Growth in 2013!

Olli Rehn is back in full flow and craziest form and thank goodness I have found a new video to accompany the tripe he comes out with.

The one on the right actually looks a bit like our buffoon of an Economics EU Commissioner, could it possibly be he? Has he truly finally cracked up?

EU's Single Supervisory Handbook - The new London Blitz!

In Cyprus, this weekend, between wining, dining, enjoying the sunshine, scenery and other non-mentionable pursuits grubby men such as those there gathered may choose to indulge, (obsessed with the gathering of huge sums of unearned money as they constantly prove themselves to be,) the finance ministers of the corrupt and self-serving nations who have created this monkey on the back of Europe meet to discuss how best to retain their illusory power.

Among the tools for their future control we are informed will be the innocent sounding "Single Supervisory Handbook" for all banks in ALL the 27 former independent and once democratic nations who now comprise the quite horrific EU. One report is here.

Friday, September 14, 2012

QE3 Sometimes a tweet says it all

I planned to blog this morning at length on the insanity and and degradation of the US Dollar QE3 represents. I tweeted an intial response yesterday as soon as I heard the scary news. Looking at that tweet it sums up pretty well what I feel and fear, therefore I will merely repeat it here this morning:

QE3 of course stocks are up, the US $ has again been cheapened! It's everything of substance and intrinsic worth that's momentarily devalued

My reply to John Redwood today - EU Banking Grab

Martin Cole
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AND the entire EU is headed in a direction DIRECTLY the opposite to that which all sitting Conservatives MPs and MEPs should be opposing in ANY legislature based on the stalls they have historically set out to their voters.

My reply to John Redwood today - EU Banking Grab

Martin Cole
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AND the entire EU is headed in a direction DIRECTLY the opposite to that which all sitting Conservatives MPs and MEPs should be opposing in ANY legislature based on the stalls they have historically set out to their voters.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My reply to John Redwood today - Deficit & Taxes

Martin Cole
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“The test is how to do it without damaging the things that matter, and without taxing the country into recession.”
The two areas so far decreed as untouchables seem the most obvious candidates, namely health and foreign aid.
Electorally unpopular once off draconian cuts or revenue raising shock taxation remain weapons in the armoury for an incoming, one party, majority government, but where is a leader who might create such a miracle, and skillfully manage the results to gain re-election some years later? Thatcher managed it!

Early exit polls from Holland indicate their voters have abandoned their country to the EU

The Washington Post carries a report that indicates the two largest pro-EU Parties in the Netherlands will now be able to form a government which will bind Holland to the Fiscal Compact and the ESM, effectively ending that nation's existence as an independent state, a sad and sobering moment which eventually will cause much despair and ongoing misery for the people of Europe. Read here.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Commissioner Barnier's proposed ECB power grab!

The EU has failed in every task it has seized from the democracies whom it has duped into ceding it their former powers.

The EU will not now quietly return to their pre-existing borders, things have gone too far for that and the economic crisis has been allowed to become too dire.

No individual of sane mind would dream of authorising an organisation as yet unequipped for a banking supervisory role to seek to do so in mere moths across as many as 6000 organisations all carrying on their businesses in a large number of different languages. This is nevertheless what French EU Commissioner Michel Barnier appears to be proposing today, read here.

The Government in Britain which oversees one of the world's largest financial sectors in the City of London is presently controlled by the same Commission of which Barnier is a member. That cannot be allowed to continue. Britain's continuation in the EU has quite clearly today become a complete impossibility.

Reality must be faced across Whitehall. Not just the EU is now on the verge of break-up, but Spain, Belgium and Italy are likely to follow as well.

Nigel Farage details real state of the EU to Barroso

Cameron & Osborne appear to have passed control of Britain's economy to the Rothschilds

There was an extraordinary press release from HM Treasury last evening ipon which I tweeted and is linked here. Reading between the lines it appears a senior Treasury official was sent of to Rothschild's bank in the Ciry for some traing and indoctrination and then returned to the Treasury as an Additional  Second Permanent Secretary, presumably to act as something similar to a policy purity Commissar in the worst days of the Russian Communist control of East European satellite states.

This comes on top of the extraordinary role of Oliver Letwin, who sabotaged William Hague's election campaign on its first day before disappearing, who still earned huge sums from Rothschilds in 2009 read here, in spite of having supposedly broken his links in 2003 here, still being in charge of policy from Number Ten leading to an apparent  breakdown, or perhaps merely a neglect of his constituency duties, for which the taxpayer pays his salary, pension and expenses.

In opposition, the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, had his office expenses met by the wife of one of the Rothschilds.

Now the civil servants at the Treasury seem to have been included in this web.

Britain is not the only European country where the wealth of the Rothschilds buys huge influence as may be seen from this Guardian article of today .

The ruling from the German Constitutional Court today and the Dutch elections will require a rethink of Britain's course and European policies, the close ties of the Government with one City merchant bank, I suggest, also be thrown into the pot for review!

Read also my recent post here and from last weekend.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

LGV Tours-Bordeaux Unnecessary & wasteful devestation in full flow - HS2

This blog will continue to update the destruction of the Charente countryside undertaken to shave some 17 minutes in journey times between Tours and Bordeaux, a journey few choose to make, so that what is coming in the Home Counties and Midlands can be better appreciated by those soon to suffer a similar useless EU rail project - namely HS2!

My comment to John Redwood today - Income Tax

Martin Cole
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As super states invest more in large jet passenger planes (see the Chinese plans announced this week) these will need to be filled. Family ties which previouslytended to bind high earners to their countries of origin will be less of a factor as relatives will be the ones to travel to the low tax location of that individual's particular choice.
Long term tax planning for retirement will tend to become impossible when the financially adept will need to be fleet of foot to constantly minimise state theft.
The alternative is world government, a ghastly prospect and one that requires the complicated planning outlined in your post which makes the dangerous assumption that the goal posts will remain static.
Transnational ‘Pop Larkins’ IMHO will continue to be the longer term gainers.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Rothschilds and the Conservative Party

Yesterday I aired doubts that have been in circulation for some time regarding the loyalty and motivation of former Tory Prime Minister, Sir Edward Heath, and his taking us into Europe, all of which have been in circulation for some considerable time.

In researching that matter I came across this paper, put online by the Margaret Thatcher Foundation being the report by Cabinet Secretary, R.W. Armstrong dated 16th March 1974 describing the events surrounding the drawn out resignation of the Heath Government.

The point I wish to highlight this morning is the close relationship and involvement of Lord Rothschild in the Heath Governance, brought out most forcefully in the description of its final act as follows:

Monday 4th March

50. From now on it was clear that it was probably only a matter of hours before the Prime Minister resigned......... At about 12.45 pm Sir William Armstrong, Sir John Hunt and Lord Rothschild came to the Cabinet Room to take leave of the Prime Minister over a glass of champagne. It was not a cheerful occasion.

In the light of present events I find the presence of Lord Rothschild at what was effectively the closing ceremony on the Heath Government highly significant.A description of the life of the 3rd Baron Rothschild is linked here, from which it may be noted it was Margaret Thatcher herself who cleared Lord Rothschild's name of suggestions of treachery raised subsequently:

Cleared by Thatcher

In 1986 some Members of Parliament called for investigations into whether Lord Rothschild had also been a Soviet spy. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher dismissed the speculation, and Lord Rothschild strongly denied the allegations.

Turning to more recent events the Grandson of the 3rd Baron Nathaniel Rothschild has been a close confidant of the present Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, whose rise to prominence seems otherwise largely unaccountable. From Wikipedia, for Nathaniel Philip Rothschild, linked here, we learn the following:

He was educated at Colet Court (in the same year as George Osborne), Eton College and Wadham College, Oxford where he read history, gaining a 2:1. Rothschild was a member of the Bullingdon Club as an undergraduate, at the same time as George Osborne, now Chancellor of the Exchequer.[4]

Given events today across the EU and the state of the international bond markets, is it not now past time we analysed more closely our present subservience to the EU and how it has apparently been effected?

Should we perhaps not contemplate a return to national independence and a democratic constitutional monarchy, on whose abandonment the people of the country have never been consulted?

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Was Edward Heath blackmailed into putting the UK under German control within the EU

Archbishop Cranmer's blog has a high reputation amongst its peers. It seems odd that a comment such as the following to one of his postings has remained obscure since 12th March 2009:

Sir Edward Heath was exposed as a traitor, working for German Intelligence (the Abwehr from October 1937 to July 1944, DVD autumn 1944 until his death.
Some say Sir Edward also worked for the SD -  although there is reliable reporting that Sir Edward met Reichsfuhrer Himmler in 1937 at Nuremberg and it is known that the Reichsfuhrer wished to recruit him, probably to spy on the Abwehr, rather than us, there is no evidence that
Sir Edward became an agent of the SD or joined the SS) in a specialist financial intelligence journal, the International Currency Review, in October 2005, which is normally sent to the British and German Governments, neither of which has denied the intelligence.
It was subsequently confirmed, not long before his death, by that nice (albeit formidable and at times quite ruthless) man,GeneralOberst Markus Wolf, of the DVD, also the Abwehr, then HVA (Stasi), in a private meeting at the Reform Club.

The matter comes to mind at present as it daily appears more likely that the present incumbent at 10 Downing Street also seems of a character where circumstances of his past and character flaws of the present throw into question his motives in recent policy decisions and appointments, see various blog postings and links from the past week.

The same commentator to Cranmer later curiously asserts the following:

The intelligence has been accepted as accurate by MI5, DIS, MI6 and GCHQ,
as well as the Cabinet Office and Foreign Office, although all six are committed to a cover-up.
The government's strategy apears to be one of no comment, in the hope that memories of the 2005 report will fade

That certainly seems to have been the case in so far as Archbishop Cranmer's blog seems concerned. Surely if the point being made were true, and such high-powered organisations were cited as knowing that to be the case, were it not so the comment would have been removed?

If Heath as Prime Minister was working for the Germans when he took us in to the EU as Prime Minister, is it not unreasonable to query whether payment or blackmail has kept us within the disastrously failing construct by our rotten politicians having been similarly manipulated ever since, even perhaps to this very day, where all three parties maintain we must stay trapped within, even at the moment of its fairly obvious soon arriving self-destruction?

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Osborne, Drugs, Prostitutes,Cameron, Coulson and wrecking Britain's economy

Why do we let the man who features in the above video, with a past that would, if known, prevent most of us ever having within our homes, continue to run the finances of our failing nation. If such things are known about Cameron and Osborne in the public sphere, what other dark secrets might thers know and now be manipulating for their own dark purposes?

It is not good having characters with tendencies towards proven addictive habits in positions of responsibility, let alone when they are not being regularly monitored for substance abuse. Here is a rerun of an alection broadcast attacking George Osborne:

Following the recent study showing how cannabis destroys the reasoning and memory capabilities of adolescent users, can we now be sure such factors are not at work aiding and adding to the destruction of our nation's economy?

The Lib/Dems as repeatedly pointed out on this blog since the beginning of the Coalition Government are equally culpable in letting this situation continue.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

The degradation of Public Schools and their corrupted products

There is an interesting and brave piece on Telegraph Blogs this morning, linked here. It scratches the surface of a major and pressing problem for Britain.

Since Monday of this week, when I pointed out once again on my blogs the moment when the Conservative Party was handed to the druggies, linked here, John Ward over at The Slog has been fearlessly going deeper into just some of the implications with particular regard to Cameron, Hunt and a place called The Groucho Club, linked here, here and here. If your time is short, try to make some available to at least visit the last of these three links!

The Slog has returned to this topic this morning, but I have yet had time myself to read the posting.

Drugs in society are both a menace and a clear danger. Cocaine abuse can even cause cerebal palsey if occurring during pregnancy according to an article from March of Dimes, linked here.

A blind eye was being turned towards substance abuse in many British Public Schools by the early 1990s to my certain personal knowledge. Elsewhere random drugs testing was bravely employed as a deterrent.

In the USA drugs tests prior to employment are not rare. That should become the norm in the UK particularly across the public service. Following The Slog's recent posts a start could best be made with members of the Cabinet.

Running the country should demand as clear a head as driving a car, bus, train or jet plane!

Friday, September 07, 2012

Atlas Shrugged The Movie Part II Trailer

Irreversibility of €uro now only backed by Draghi, Merkel, Hollande, Rajoy and Monti!

The five politicians named in the headline to this post, in spite of their past poweful positions, probably lack the assets to build a new royal yacht for Queen Elizabeth II.

Even if the assets and future pension payments of Jean-Claude Trichet, the retired head of the ECB, were to be sequestered as improperly obtained and thrown into the pot guaranteeing the irreversibility of the euro would any difference be made to the complete absurdity of the stance now taken by the Euro Group's leading national politicians and all the apparatchiks of the EU lumped together. Had all the plans being discussed today, such as a joint Eurozone Parliament etc., been on the table at the start of the crisis serious intent may have been inferred, now it cannot be!

Yesterday's bond plan, see Reuters from here, announced by Draghi of the ECB, like all its predecessors is fatally flawed as it is undeliverable, lacking as it does the support (democratically obtained or otherwise) of the voters and taxpayers of the countries who must ultimately pay.

Because the Euro MUST now eventually be reversed, any amounts pledged by the ECB both in the past and for the future, must eventually be accounted for and balanced. National Central Banks may mostly ignore that frightening truth in nations that are mostly not prone to revolution. TARGET2 imbalances again become significant.

Nothing now cements the Euro Group together, therefore the Euro will be reversed and consequently actions by the ECB carry no weight because facing up to reality has been deferred for too long.

In Britain this reality is becoming clearer with this suggestion, of today, from a leading and influential MP on the Government benches, to kick out the proposed EU Budget for the years 2014 to 2020.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

How two of several EU Presidents waste their time and our money.

In the face of the gravest financial crisis the Western world has faced at any time in history, on the day the ECB board meets to demonstrate their hopelessness and pointlessness to the entire world this is how the appointed morons Herman Van Rompuy and Barroso open their day:

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Troika tightens stranglehold on Greece

The window for Greece to remove itself from the boot of EU oppression gets ever narrower and more remote as one group of corrupt politicians replaces another in that raped country's so-called "national government".

Pretty much the same thing as occurred in Britain yesterday, as Cameron and Clegg reshuffled their Cabinet that is supposedly in charge of running and determining the future course of the country - LOL! Much more on that in the coming last months or weeks of the now certainly doomed coalition. Zero attempt to confront the national crisis is anywhere evident in any of the changes made - these two men's absolute pride, blind ignorance and stupidity is truly quite astounding!

Apologies for that digression, the latest from the Trioka returning to Greece today is to impose a 17 hour day and six day week while enabling the asset and land grab finally to begin to take place, so that the finest islands and remaining Greek wealth can be distributed at bargain prices to the victorious industrials from the northern heartlands of the EU, as reported by City AM here and more emotively from Workers Liberty here.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Andrew Mitchell should be under consideration for treason charges not Chief Whip

Conservative Home has confirmed that Andrew Mitchell, the man who in the past two years has squandered billions of the small ramaining amounts of taxpayers cash available to the government in this bankrupt nation is to be the new Chief Whip.

Any who saw Jeff Randalls programme last evening on the massive debts the youth of Britain will face as a result of the criminal incompetence of this and earlier governments, will be quite appalled that one of the worst villains of this mindless squandering of the nation's last wealth has been appointed to coral the clearly witless Tory MPs in the House of Commons;

If sense and normality ever returns to politics in an independent Britain, then Mitchell should be amongst the first to be brought forth into the courts to be charged with his own clear criminal negligence in sending billions of our scarce resources overseas at this moment of national peril!


Shattered & smashed Spain to put €5.5 billion into bankrupt Bankia

Olli Rehn the bumbling, mumbling and clearly grossly incompetent EU (Failed) Finances Commissioner has allowed Spain to commit yet more billions in  funds even though approval of the terms by the EU seems ever less likely and ever more weeks away, read here.

The amount is up yet another billion from that being reported over the weekend and even last evening!

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Monday, September 03, 2012

October 2000 - When the Conservatives sold out to the Druggies

Fittingly it was under the leadership of William Hague, today's Foreign Secretary, during the party conference season that the leadership, rank and file of the Conservative Party placed themselves in the hands of the admitted drug heads, seven admitted (former?) drugs users in the Shadow Cabinet alone according to this summary of events.

Anne Widdecombe, correctly assessing the dangers to society and her own party in particular from the growing acceptance of substance abuse had proposed a £100 fine for the possession of even small quantities of drugs such as cannabis. Opposition grew, led among others by Francis Maude, present Cabinet Secretary, as may be read in this Telegraph report from here. Five of those senior Tories admitting drugs misuse at the time are named in this link.

As I linked yesterday, it was reported subsequently in the Observer, linked again here, that not only did the present Prime Minister admit to taking drugs while only fifteen years old at Eton, the prime age now identified as high risk for permanent brain damage, he asloc continued to misuse cannabis whilst at Oxford, I quote:

The Conservative leader - who has repeatedly dismissed media inquiries by refusing to comment publicly on whether he has taken drugs - was also understood to have continued occasionally to smoke pot as a university student at Oxford. 

The Independent, around the same time, also carried out a pretty complete investigation of Cameron's past, which may be read from here.

So where does that leave the country as Parliament returns this Monday morning from its long summer recess. Quite clearly with a Government led by a brain-damaged and weak-willed man quite incapable of grasping the scale of the problems the country faces. Alongside him are possibly several other senior Cabinet members from his own party similarly encumbered, and a Foreign Secretary, reportedly with an IQ of 144, unreduced by any substance misuse but with absolutely zero street-cred or smarts, given his decision while party leader to hand its organisation and operation to the druggies, plus his record at the FCO, absolutely typified by his recent threat for Britain to apparently thwart all diplomatic norms by storming the Ecuadorian Embassy.

One report from Science Daily on the lasting brain damage caused by adolescent use of cannabis is here:

An international research team has found that persistent, dependent use of marijuana before age 18 has been shown to cause lasting harm to a person's intelligence, attention and memory 

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Sunday, September 02, 2012

A Nation of Numbskulls to rival any Ship of Fools

The man in charge of Britain's finances, George Osborne will be on the Andrew Marr show in less than one hour's time, proving once again beyond any shadow of doubt (as established last week by research published in New Zealand,) that cannabis really does permanently damage the brain by later loss of IQ and therefore quite obviously reducing the ability to reason.

Osborne's boss, David Cameron, who similarly has not denied reports of having passed his student days in a haze of hash, began his substance abuse for certain during adolescence, the period of greatest danger for subsequent reasoning ability, at the age of 15 according to this 2007 Observer article.

It is fifty years ago that the first publication of the novel Ship of Fools, which illustrated the West's abilities to ignore or misread German intentions.  Read the article written by the brain-battered ex-dope-head Prime-Minister of Britain in the Mail on Sunday this morning, linked here; note how it is hyped by Sky News from here - and you will find no real substance is there, even less is there any grasp of the real problems facing the West and the EU, perhaps also read this on Bankia in Spain, posted last evening before the Mail went to press - incredible the absolute blind stupidity of Cameron's article, is it not?

Merkel just returned from China, no doubt having effected yet more trade deals as she accomplished last February, an area supposedly exclusive to the EU which Cameron in his article effectively ignores; while Barroso also last night rants of a "greater transnational order", as I tweeted last night - supposedly for the EU!

How can Britain expect its leaders to identify, let alone consider such dangerous matters, when the elites in power by grace of our Platonic system of governance burned out what few brain cells they were born with during their adolescence in posh boarding schools and snob-ridden universities?

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Bankia - the fraud and waste continues

This from here yesterday -

Bankia, nationalised by the Spanish government in May, lost 4.448 billion euros in the six months to end-June after provisioning 2.7 billion euros in the second quarter against bad debt and assets. Spain's Fund for Orderly Bank Restructuring (FROB) said it would inject capital into Bankia immediately

This blog has been following the lies and deceit over Bankia for well over a year, some of what we posted is here, (bearing in mind as always nowadays, that this blogger has evidence that some of the past postings have been altered and tampered with by unknown third parties).

I would particularly like to repeat this warning from this July, as follows:

Given that foul, dirty and despicably fraudulent tactics were used to disguise losses within the Spanish banking sector and pass off some of the already known losses to depositers AND that this happened in one part of the EU where all that is awful, rapidly spreads throughout the other twenty-six member states while all that is worthwhile is ruthlessly turned against and eradicated, it would be worthwhile if Britain's bank account holders read of some of the tricks used, so as  to avoid being duped in the same manner and reduce similar potential losses in Britain.

This is probably particularly true regarding RBS, whose head has warned of huge coming financial penalties in respect of that bank's failings over LIBOR, events that took place before the taxpayer became obligated for its past sins, read here.

The above two paragraphs may be considered particularly apt given the pathetic compensation announced yesterday to be offered to account holders of the Ulster Bank in respect of the shenanigans earlier this year when their own money was rendered inaccessible.

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My reply to John Redwood today - Romney, Plato & Popper

Martin Cole
Posted September 1, 2012 at 6:02 am | Permalink

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Too much Botox Cosmetic, I suspect, and tying his dog to the roof rack have already done for Romney, IMHO, although like yourself, I get no vote – but unlike you I also get no vote in England, land of my birth, where you and your colleagues (acting in concert with the EU,) have disenfranchised me from national elections!
As I re-tweeted from @mises just now – “Let the citizens never know [said Plato] and let them never desire to learn what it is to act independently…”

Plato’s authoritarianism rules unchecked across the West!

Karl Popper’s tyranny is everywhere!