Friday, August 03, 2012

The tyranny of Louis XIV, the EU and population flight.

The second part of David Starkey's "The Churchills" was aired last evening and will, I believe, like last week, be shown again this evening on British TV. (See my post of a week ago).

The tyranny of Lousi XIV and his defeat at Blenheim was covered in that second programme, together with Winston's progress through the 1930s, all quite fascinating.

My previous complaint, that not enough is being made of John Churchill's West Country roots, must be repeated, and the true horrors of the Louis XIV persecution of protestants and their subsequent mass flight from France to points across the globe was ignored this week, but the detail of the victory at the Battle of Blenheim was examined in detail and to great effect.

A history of the Huguenots, prepared in South Carolina, is linked here for those interested in the causes of the population flight from France.  I am presently writing of the importance of the West Country/SW France links and its relevance amongst some of my own ancestors, which book, I hope will be completed by the end of this year. The similarities of the present tyranny of the EU and its adoption of the same corruption as that in the Louis XIV Court, will naturally be fully explored therein.

Wikipedia covers the full life of Louis XIV in considerable detail, linked here.


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