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My reply to John Redwood today - Westminster's uselessness.

Martin Cole
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I believe that looking to the institutions that have delivered us into the EU, to now remove us, given that THEY have thus gained POWER and WEALTH from complete and non-democratically removable absolute power over 27 once democratic and former independent states, verges well towards the wishful thinking.
Self-congratulation on our nation not having joined the Euro, (one small part of the giant conspiracy whose collapse is now driving us towards economic wipeout, while having no say in the direction of travel – but an almost full share of the consequential heavy costs), is similarly misplaced.
The EU is divided between those with the power, mostly unknown individuals and multinational corporations, hiding behind their placemen in the EU institutions, and those who are paying the bills in the EU Regions which control the much reduced expenditure which is fed back via EU approved projects in the areas we all live, via EU Committees whose members also remain largely unknown and also operate in secret. A real absolute tyranny at work!
The protests presently underway in the origional and historic people’s regions of Spain bear watching, perhaps becoming a blueprint as to how we may remove this horror from our own lives. There in Spain, it is becoming a battle between those who in reality hold the purse strings on the remaining real proceeds of production against the treacherous national elected politicians who have betrayed the trust of their electorates with (the) integrity of their national currencies together with that of their central banks and indeed individual freedom itself.
The post you put up here this morning makes it very clear that we would be mad to expect our own elected MPs to do anything helpful in removing this monstrosity from our lives. Where I do agree with you is that elected UKIP MPs in Westminster would prove equally pathetic in achieving that end, they would merely also have a seat on another gravy train, just as happened with their MEPs.

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