Sunday, August 05, 2012

My reply to John Redwood today - Cabinet reshuffle.

Martin Cole
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Locked behind the paragraphs in this posting, lies an explanation for how the Conservative Party became what it is. Beyond that is the stark and horrendous fact that it is the party system which made it that way and that the other parties in Britain’s politics are constructed upon similar lines.
We must find the means for a democratic system to supply governance by individuals of some ability beyond currying favour.
I believe the internet must be adapted to serve in elections with a large element of direct democracy based on differential voting power determined by the voters knowledge of the particular issue then in question. An online test on multiple randomly selected multiple questions, potentially raising one’s voting power by as much as a factor of three could re-enliven the Wests’s sinking democracies.
We could then get Ministers who know what they are about, what the informed public view is on any topic and sufficient resulting self-assurance to bring the odious civil service mandarins, now wrecking the nation, to heel!


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