Friday, August 03, 2012

My comment to John Redwood this morning - Cameron's resignation and the ECB.

Martin Cole
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Conservative MPs in my view should be using the recess to develop ways of ridding their Party of the Cameron influence which is set to destroy all in which they presented themselves to the nation as their core beliefs.
A light legislative programme following the recess is anything but what the nation requires with the legal consequences from the EU’s deliberate self-destruction to be shortly dealt with.
The earliest possible start to prepare for such an event will become obvious as soon as the Coalition Agreement, which presently makes the necessary preparation impossible, is abandoned.
Cameron, to be seen daily strutting around Olympic facilities and interviewed on sporting matters, while the ECB becomes an international laughing stock as occurred yesterday, seems surely ready to depart with only the minimum of pressure, he clearly senses he is inadequate for the duties and responsibilities he has taken on!

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