Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Knavish Knights re-visited and ministerial dope-heads

MPs in a Committee led by Bernard Jenkin MP, have issued a report highly critical of the present UK honours system that perpetuates  many of the worst aspects of Britain's social system, read one report from the Huffington Post linked here, and some of what this blog has written in the past on that topic, from here.

No hope of Britain pulling itself free from the economic destruction that is inevitable unless root and branch reform of the whole structure of governance is urgently undertaken will be possible while emphasis on such tinkering grabs the medias' headlines.

Given the report from yesterday that cannabis use in adolescent permanently reduces IQ in adulthood, surely emphasis would now be better placed on removing from office those like the Prime Minister who have as good as admitted such past practises or are known to have so indulged. An incoming fully mentally functioning Prime Ministerial replacement could then set about clearing up the mess left by the corrupt honours system and other similar malpractices.

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