Monday, August 20, 2012

Julian Assange shows Bullingdon Britain as Miners' Murderers and Justice Assassins!

Well it did not take the attitudes of our lightweight and arrogant Prime Minister and his Coalition Cabinet colleagues to dispel any goodwill Britain might have gained amongst informed worldwide public opinion through its staging of the Olympics did it?

The demand this morning that colleagues of the miners shot in South Africa disregard their mourning families and return to work today, or face the sack from their London based and British owned employers, must fill those watching across the world with horror.

More knowledgeable and well-informed followers of international relations and diplomatic niceties will already have been filled with utter revulsion at the Foreign Secretary, William Hague's readiness to send police into the embassy of a foreign state in London, threatening to enforce the totalitarian and widely loathed instrument of mass oppression by the secret powers of the EU - the European Arrest Warrant, upon which this blog has frequently reported.

Britain's Government shames England!

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