Wednesday, August 15, 2012

India's premier at least understands the necessity for growth! Briton's shame!

The EU yesterday issued GDP figures for the 27 former sovereign nations that now comprise the monstrous and undemocratic EU which were an absolute disgrace and stark testimony to the corruption, incompetence and utter arrogance of both political leaders and all the many appointees involved in the deranged EU project.

It is well past time it and they were called to account.

In the world's largest democracy of India, fittingly but certainly not co-incidentally, the democratically elected Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, recognises the disaster that lack of GDP growth represents, read a Reuters report from here:

"If we do not increase the pace of the country's economic most certainly affects our national security," he said in a speech to mark 65 years of India independence from Britain.

Is the security of the once sovereign nations of Europe seriously threatened? Cast your minds back to Lonon in August one year ago, Amiens this week and of course Athens and Madrid frequently in between.

Our EU leaders are not merely incompetent and incapable but in continuing to pursue their doomed project of pan-European totalitarianism they are playng with fire plus the security of hundreds of millions of people, all striving to live in peace at ease and in trade with their neighbours, all of that which is now clearly being put at risk!

It is 65 years since Britain gave democratic independence to India, Pakistan and what is now Bangladesh. Democracy and independence are precious assets that the political leaders of all three main poltical parties in Britain have sold out for their own selfish greed and apparent obscene lust for unaccountable power.

What deadful shame is attached to those who still offer their support through the ballot boxes to these unprincipled creatures.

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