Saturday, August 11, 2012

EU Rail Projects - LGV One Year On.

   A year ago today I blogged about the €7.33 Billion being wasted in my small corner of France, for a reduction of only about a quarter of an hour in the jouney time from Bordeaux to Brussels, which none in their right minds or employees of the EU (generally the same thing) would ever choose to make. That posting with pictures of unspoilt countryside is linked here.

   One year on and the machines are hard at work, although a new puppet government of the EU is now in place in France, and the gigantic scope of the economic crisis facing the country is daily ever more stark and evident.

   The following photographs show the extent of the pointless damage being wrought:

On the horizon is the scar in the hillside at Porcheresse featured in last year's images, having then just been deforested.

The work between the villages of Becheresse and Champagne Vigny.

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