Thursday, August 02, 2012

Dangers of outvoting the BuBa by the ECB Board

The structure and members of the Governing Council of the ECB is linked here. (A paper on the problems likely to be caused from the Eastern Enlargement of the EU is interesting in that it also discusses present problems, pdf file is here). In theory German interests, as recently explained by the Bundesbank (BuBa) could be outvoted

Public statements by Mario Monti, Eurocrat and EU appointed PM of Italy, lead me to believe that a trap is being set to force Germany to meet the bill for the past profligacy of the Southern Euro Group member states and France. I see that as extremely dangerous.

Under the war guilt clause of the Treaty of Versaille of 1919, included at the insistence of France, these Reparations were set in gold and totalled 50% of all the gold ever mined through history. The effect on the German economy was disastrous.

IMO Germany, soon to be the last triple A credit rated country within the Euro Group, (Finland will remain AAA but purely as a result of its refusal to join in further bailouts except with matching collateral) EVEN IF IT INITIALLY AGREES to abide by and honour such an ECB vote, will not for long be prepared so to do, as the burden upon its own citizens will quickly, once again, become intolerable. 

The most recent market view is here.

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