Sunday, August 12, 2012

A turning point for the West - Paul Ryan's selection as VP on Romney's ticket!

I have been re-tweeting quotes from Ayn Rand Bot for some months and generally trying through this blog and other tweets to bring the lessons of the novel Atlas Shrugged to a wider audience, particularly in the UK where it is practically unknown or shunned.

Frankly I saw that task as pretty hopeless within my lifetime.

I could never have imagined that an American Presidential candidate from one of the two main parties would have the courage to select a running mate who had openly warned of the real dangers contained in Ayn Rand's writings. One article on Paul Ryan is linked here. Representative Ryan has embraced and promoted Rand's writings and anti-collectivist philosophy, see my tweets of yesterday.

The crisis in the Romney campaign, and in the US economy as a whole, must be even graver than I was thinking, which means it must be very, very grave indeed.

The writings of Rand lead to shattering conclusions touching almost all aspects of everyone's daily lives and presumptions - I therefore expect that Obama will now certainly be re-elected.

The West will then face the centennial anniversaries of all the grisly battle dates and events of World War One whilst experiencing financial collapse. It makes the dilemmas set out in John Redwood's posting of this morning requiring ever more urgent attention and correction!

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