Wednesday, August 22, 2012

4G - Perhaps blogs can sometimes have an effect!

About a month ago my wife and I got annoyed in conversation about the absurd LGV Tours to Bordeaux railway upgrade that at the cost of billions will shave mere minutes off the present travel time between those cities at the EU's behest in a country in grave economic difficulties. Our chat brought out the absurdity of the work progressing though our local area, lacking modern internet and mobile communication capabilities in an area with a mass of unused but inhabitable housing capacity. I therefore made a brief video posted on this blog via YouTube:

I followed this up with a couple more blog posts, linked here and here, with pictures of the desecration in progress and various tweets on twitter, often pointing out the similarities to the HS2 project planned by the EU's ministerial minnions in the UK.

Yesterday the Government in England announced that 4G would suddenly be allowed to proceed, Everything Everywhere, (the communications company that combines former French and German mobile telcom interests within the UK,) being given a year's jump on its competitors, showing every sign of a rushed decision at the EU's possible cost and instigation.

Perhaps a small victory for bloggers and tweeters, possibly also evidenced by the recent evidence of attempts to change the archived records of my blog as recorded here earlier this week.

Perhaps it is mere co-incidence, I hope not, for if some small change to policy has been effected by these postings, who knows, one day our national governments might actually listen to this blog's main message on the obscene, oppressive, wealth destroying monster that the EU has become.

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