Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why has the EU become a Popperian tyranny?

   Moody's negative outlook announced today for the credit ratings for the supposed most prosperous EU northern national economies, even including Germany, MUST mark an EU crisis turning point.

   Many years ago this blogger proposed that the Swiss Constitution provided an ideal blue print for a democratic grouping of Europe's nations wishing to form a closer trading union. That was ignored. The years in between have been wasted.

    My recording of a question to Debating Europe for some EU Presidents and perhaps EU Commissioners, at a planned public debate for next October, reflects that shameful reality and is pasted at the foot of this posting.

    The Swiss Confederation recognises four languages, the strong autonomy of its Cantons - co-incidentally numbering roughly the same number as EU member states, its strong direct democracy with protections for specific linguistic and cantonal sensibilities, a guiding star chamber of seven ministers at confederate level, a federal parliament, provisions for regular constitutional changes, plus the longest history of democracy within Europe all combine to make it the perfect blue-print for an EU Constitution!

   Temporary modifications could be established for an interim emergency EU arrangement, prior to establishing a full EU Constitution subject to individual national referendums contemplating exclusion in the event of a NO vote.

   The only alternative this blogger can foresee is widespread fragmentation during and after years of economic decline across the EU, not necessarily within former national boundaries, with all the well known risks of such an occurence as Europe's troubled history has demonstrated over and over again.


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