Monday, July 16, 2012

What must Britain do about the EU? That is the question!

John Bruton a former taoiseach of Ireland, has an article discussing the chaos within the EU, (although naturally he does not describe it as such,) in the Irish Times,  this morning, linked here. The final bullet point he mentions as needing resolution is the following:

* And what to do about Britain, which wants nothing to do with the euro or a banking union, but still wants access to financial markets on the same terms as everyone else.

Had Britain any politicians of ability or principle they would perceive the insult that such a statement contains, especially as the immediately following sentence is this:

"These are difficult political issues and will need to be resolved in a way that is both theoretically sound, and politically balanced between all the 27 countries in the EU. Patience will be required."

Ireland is a defeated conquered and thereby now non-existent nation, entirely governed by the whim of an international group known as the Troika.

Ireland is bankrupt and its youth are fleeing overseas in droves, mostly to countries outside the reach or control of the evil EU, particulalrly Australia, in an exodus not seen since the potato blight.

Yet I suspect David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband will see nothing strange about that statement by a former Irish Prime Minister, they too wish to secure their own personal futures with a sinecure within the EU during the decades of depression that now lie ahead for us all, entirely due to such misplaced romanticism disguising ambition, pride and selfishness - Heavens help us all!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note how Bruton refuses to say United Kingdom.....acknowledging the existence of Northern Ireland is too much for an ex-Taoiseach

9:41 AM  

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