Monday, July 02, 2012

Spanish defeat of Italy could spell doom for Monti!

Perception is sometimes everything. In the contest between Spain and Italy as to which country will deliver the final death blow to the euro currency, recent weeks have seen Spain as the front runner, yesterdays football crushing in the Euro finals could now be repeated in the bond markets.

As LIBOR has been shown to be in London, a contrived sham and politically convenient lie, perpetrated to maintain the elites in their privileged, unearned and undeserved positions of power and high living, so does the euro serve for the scum that floats on the surface of the sewage-filled and stagnant cesspit that is the EU.

The emergence of a new leader for the Northen League in Italy, replacing the scandal plagued Umberto Bossi could be the spur. The Northern League formed part of Berlusconi's coaltion government, the situation between Milan and Rome which has dominated Italian politics for decades, now mirrors the North/South split in the EU itself, a situation therefore that will prove worth watching as the European voters penchant with "self harm" that is the EU continues.



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An angle I hadn't thought of, IT.

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Thanks for your posts, I would be waiting for similar interesting posts in future.

Marcus White Lisdoonvarna

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