Tuesday, July 03, 2012

"Sold a Pup" My foot Fox! - We have been deliberately betrayed and sold out!

"Sold a pup" - What a travesty of a description for the treason and deliberate betrayal and trashing of our nation, its democracy and our Parliament. All that underway for decades, due to the conspiracy for self-enrichment of our three main political parties and their most influential senior figures.

Dr Liam Fox, who resigned as Defence Minister in some disgrace, is not the man to lead the country from the shame of this almost certainly treasonable neuteringl of our politics by our politicians, mainly coming from the Conservative Party, over recent decades! The following passage from his speech on that very topic, linked here, proves that point quite convincingly:

.... there remains a strong seam of resentment running through a large part of the British people that they voted for one thing and were delivered into another. Worse, there is a suspicion that those who persuaded them to do so were all too aware of this deception. Not only were they sold a pup but they were intentionally sold a pup. 

So he knows what has happened, describes the resentment caused and then describes the end result as if we had merely been conned by some tawdry prize at a fairground hooplah stall!

No democracy, all our main public utilities in foreign hands and control, no manufacturing industry, North Sea Oil fields depleted and the proceeds from PRT and Royalties disappeared, unable to afford decent defence forces, crumbling schools and hospitals where even the smallest national decisions are made by foreigners in Brussels, and everything of importance to our nation being now subject to German veto! Some pup, what an insult of a speech.

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