Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oil proves Osborne incompetent on economy - EU/Olympics for all politicos

Osborne's incompetence in attempting to intitailly destroy one of the few productive sectors of our economy in his ealiest days was pointed up by The Guardian in March 2011, linked here. This blog of course was on this case from the start reminding readers on 23rd February of this year as follows:

George Osborne's policies have already resulted in a real slow-down in exploration activity in the British sector of the North Sea. Brilliantly mistimed and breathtakingly ignorant as it was when first announced his extra tax decisions appear ever more mistaken as the threat from Iran in the Straits of Hormuz pushes the oil markets to daily higher prices.

Osborne's stubborn pride, crass ignorance and almost complete ministerial incompetence, in charge of Britain's economy during this period of grave crisis cannot surely be allowed to continue any longer, given the proof of all that knowledgeable oil industry experts have been maintaining for many months, as evidenced by this report from The Scotsman, this morning, which after the good news concludes:

“These statistics always sound very exciting because we’re operating from a low base of activity. We have some way to go before we are back to the levels seen in 2009 and 2010.”

The lamentable reports on the Olympics provide another insight into the total inability of politicians from any party, once put in office, to run anything, presumably compounded by the elitist ignorant university trained hierarchies of an almost entirely blinkered and back-scratching civil service power structure.

Yet all that shrinks into complete insignificance viewing the farce of the media show in a railway shed yesterday of the PM and his Deputy. What should have been urgently concerning these two public school pratts cannot be better summarised, I believe, than by this contribution, last evening from The Slog, linked here. A quote on Britain:

Future observers and historians will look back at this euromess, and probably have three main reactions: first, they will wonder why the populace allowed gravy-train bureaucrats and hubris-blinded politicians to continue the pointless pavane for so long;  and second, they will gasp at the smug inaction of Camerlot in failing to spot when an imponderable outcome became an impossible nightmare for the British.

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