Saturday, July 28, 2012

Making the NHS the rock upon which stands Britain!

As Showbiz the London Olympics opening ceremony, with odd exceptions, was fantastic spectacle. As a statement of what Britain has become during my lifetime it was to me almost 100% spot on. The quite frankly completely weird dance to the oddly rendered hymn "Abide with me" being a particular case in point.

At the centre of it all was the NHS, those grotesque letter combinations (representing as they do Olympic Gold levels of managerial incompetence and waste at almost every level of its delivery,) even putting in an appearance at the centre of the stadium, with the massed rows of metal framed beds, with their child-patient occupants, pointing up the national obsession with the absolute right to free health care at every level of society, regardless of the self-neglect causing the complaints, or the cost to other tax-payers in attempting to rectify them with money being no object and often in the face of nature.

The absolute belief in the NHS, itself a major cause of my choosing not to live in my native country of England, not for health care reasons as I avoid medical profession encounters as far as I am possibly able on grounds of both cowardice and fear of quackery, but more for the muddled thought processes such a belief requires.

Perhaps this ceremony, highlighting the absurdity and huge cost of the wastefulness and complete social injustice delivered by such a healthcare system, will prompt a questioning as to its point and purpose in the minds of the people of Britain, and begin to effect a change towards the self-reliance for which the country once stood, which change is evermore essential if the age of austerity and EU corporatism (otherwise formerly known as National Socialism and Fascism) is to be brought to an end. If it manages that then the £11 Billion costs the Olympics have now cost will eventually yield a dividend.

On a positive note the opening theme from rural idyll to satanic mills was brilliant, the forging of the hoops absolutely spectacular and inspired while the final flame lighting in the cauldron being raised upwards completely breath-taking. Overall I enjoyed the concert outside Buckingham Palace for the Queen's  Diamond Jubilee marginally more on TV



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Queen, ribbon, scissors.

The rest is bollocks

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Why did you watch it then?

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