Monday, July 09, 2012

Its Britain's all-powerful political parties that need reform - not the Lords

Most sanity in the legislation produced by Parliament during my politically aware lifetime has been delivered by the House of Lords. There has been little evidence during that same period of any democracy surviving within our system. For example, I have seen my own parliamentary vote stripped from me during that same period.

We are governed and almost every aspect of our lives is controlled by the political parties who alternate in power. They in turn have delegated many powers over large portions of our daily lives to faceless, non elected bureacrats in Brussels who can be relied upon to extort money from people all across Europe to be fed back to the political parties who appoint them. Meantime national politicians infest the subsidised bars and restaurants plotting and scheming to rise to the top of their own political parties so that they too can get the maximum monetary and power kick from this obscene abuse of political power.

If you do not believe this description, look at the calibre of the three men who now lead our own parties, look at how they rose to lead their parties and the systems used and the detail of their 'supposed elections'. Look carefully at what they propose for our Upper Legislative Chamber on the floor of the Commons over the next two days, namely to guillotine legislation giving their parties the right to appoint up to 80 per cent of the members of the "reformed" Upper House or SENATE!

There are dangerous elements loose in Britain's societyat present, heading that list at present are David Cameron and Nick Clegg .



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