Thursday, July 19, 2012

The entire UK Treasury team needs replacing forthwith!

Allister Heath, Editor of City AM, and presently the media's number one choice for economic comment on the hoof, generally has some pretty clear thinking on the economic disaster through which the British economy is presently plodding its unimaginative way, has called in the Daily Telegraph, for George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, to be be given until September to correct matters, read from here.

This could prove fatal

Britain may have two months before the Euro finally gives in to the ineviable consequences of its flawed construction, it may on the other hand have only two weeks or even perhaps a mere two days. In any event a new team should be given whatever period of time it can get to prepare for this certainty. 

The Osborne team, includiong the senior Treasury civil servants has been proven to be completely incompetent.

William Hague at the Foreign Office and Theresa May at the Home Office have proven to be similarly incompetent, and therefore cannot be considered candidates for any of the higher offices of State.

I would prefer John Redwood to be Chancellor with David Laws in support, the latter acting with actual financial honour and probity in the face of cant and sexual hypocrisy over the events leading to his resignation at the start of the Coalition Government. Redwood proves his credentials yet again this morning with some imaginative proposals to actually raise wages. These two men are clearly the best qualified and practically promotable as presently available,  given the dynamics of the crisis and adaptability shortfalls of the PM and his Deputy! Given the friendship of the former and political power of Osborne, it seems lucky an acceptable vacancy also seems to fall due at the Home or Foreign Offices.

Coalition political problems might require the team become Laws/Redwood, so be it - the civil service changes are probably as critical, given the obvious absence of new ideas behind the latest Treasury thinking, as presented yesterday by Osborne and Alexander, read here.

I will be taking a weekend break from blogging, no doubt all will be unchanged within the government upon my return, but I hope not - poor old Britain.

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