Monday, July 23, 2012

Britain Euro-free, but Lame Duck PM and Brain Dead Chancellor cancels gains

The Euro plunged in Far Eastern markets as Europe slept this morning but the deepening crisis in Spain, Greece ,Italy and the entire euro group of countries sucked into the tyrannical tragedy that the Euro has ever been, long before entering its terminal sickness stage some four years ago, is this week set to worsen.

In spite of the calls from this blog, repeated several times daily throughout the past weekend on Twitter, nothing whatso ever appears to have been done and there remain no signs that proper provisions are being made for the financial hurricane that is about to hit us all.

The UK could by now have diversified and maximised our trading positions from sterling's independence to actually be benefitting as the EU Continentals flounder through the consequences of their own inaction during the recent years of denial and drift. Instead we are part of the tragedy - incapacitated by our politicians incompetence.

As I called for last week, the first step is to install a new team at the Treasury, they will bear the burden of the nation's future prosperity as the debacle unfolds, heaven forbid Cameron or Clegg be given any operational executive authority.

AFP has one report on Asia's markets, linked here.



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