Saturday, June 30, 2012

Treason at the Top - How corruption in Downing Street now permeates through national life!

A posting on this blog from Saturday, October 02, 2010 (unhappily like many others no longer easily publicly available):

Can Prime Ministers Constitutionally Deliberately Bankrupt their Countries?

In Ireland it is now clear that a decision by that country's Prime Minister to give an open ended pledge to back its banks will inevitably lead to the bankruptcy of the nation. In the UK the Prime Ministerial decisions over RBS, Northern Rock and the Prime Ministerial machinations regarding the takeover of HBOS by Lloyds will eventually be seen to have the same result. In the case of Gordon Brown, the sell off of national assets in the form of the Inland Revenue offices started way back in the last century. Illegal expenditure beyond Parliament's approval was identified by the National Audit Office as Parliament prorogued in July 2009 as I blogged here and here. What kind of democracies allow the PM and his Finance Minister to commit endless amounts of expenditure to crooks , spivs and cheats without any parliamentary review nor constitutional restraints. Such behaviour has to be illegal!

Clearly, evidence everywhere now abounds, to the effect that within the framework of the present EU, Prime Ministers may do exactly that.

Is it not time that the present Downing Street encumbent together with his Deputy and his three or four immediate predecessors be brought to face justice and have all the full facts exposed as to how our country was brought to its present state? In removing Margaret Thatcher who appeared ready to take steps to prevent this inevitable result, Tory Grandées Heseltine and Clarke should also be placed under full criminal investigation.

The Libor disgrace was within the City and the banks, worse was clearly occurring across many other areas of our national public life. Its source lay within Downing Street, and does so to this day - read David Cameron's shameful nonsense in the Sunday Telegraph this morning from here.

Much of the background to this treason may be read about from Free Nations, linked here. (Surely the time predicted in the final paragraph has arrived?)

Much else is fully detailed in now nearly nine and a half years of almost daily posting in the incomplete archives of this blog (Blogger limits the number of posts saved each month, cutting the numbers available to the public by almost 50%. I have, however, access to the full record for the moment). There are also happily many more internet sites and bloggers almost daily appearing, many dedicated to exposing the facts which as the EU cracks apart are bound to become publicly known.



Anonymous Tickety said...

The wy the House of Commons keeps messing with our constitution is a disgrace. Hopefully with the efforts of you and others who keep chipping away at them perhaps we will see justice done eventually. please keep up the good work.

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been convinced for years now that our MPs and Lords have been deliberately bringing this country to its knees MC.

Offloading our gold, building up PFIs, depriving our people of jobs - and a chance to maintain their independence, the ownership of our utilities, the ruining of our industries using "green" tariffs. the debt and deficit - it just goes on and on.

It is no small coincidence that every EU related meeting that I ever attended always ended up with some arrogant Europhile telling me that my pension depended on the EU - you note things like that.

6:45 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Smith said...

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