Monday, June 18, 2012

Special June Offers on our English/French books

Our publisher, Le Croit Vîf, has a special offer for June, on the newly digitally published e-book versions of their general catalogue. This includes the Walks and Drives book shown below, written by my wife and myself and soon hopefully others she has written jointly with local French authors, one of which, Romanesque Reflections, has just won the book of the year prize for the ancient Saintonge region, awarded by the City of Saintes, on which I will be posting  in greater detail when I have more information.

These walks and drives books have much historical and other detail that many not visiting the Charentes have found of interest, here is the opening introduction to Book One which provides a flavour and is a foretaste of my latest book project which I explained on my first blog posting of today, immediately beneath this one.

 Here are a couple of scanned pages from the timeline at the end of the book which give an idea of the historical sweep we have tried to achieve:

Another fascinating historical book is that on the Hanseatic League, mentioned elsewhere on this blog, which was also published during the past month, some detail on which is here:

 Authors : Cole Maggie and Brosset Thomas

Take a step back in time to the Middle Ages, when Europe’s first common market, initially flourished under the auspices of the Hanseatic League. La Rochelle, in the heart of the Bay of Biscay, came to play an important role on the back of two much sought-after commodities: salt and wine. This past lives again thanks to the reunion of the old Hanseatic cities, which have regrouped 176 towns, with the aim of promoting tourism and cultural exchanges. Thomas Brosset and Maggie Cole invite you to embark on an astonishing voyage from La Rochelle on the French Atlantic seaboard, passing by the canals of Bruges, to the City of London, north to Bergen’s coloured houses in the Norwegian fjords, along the Baltic coast and to Novogorod – the gateway to Asia.
Bilingual book : french / english, supported by the City of La Rochelle.

All the books, including the English version of the recipe book on cooking with Cognac, as translated by my wife Maggie, many of which recipes I have savoured and thoroughly enjoyed, are also available online from Le Croit Vîf, click here. If you prefer we can send a signed copy in the post accepting payment with an English cheque,( in view of the Euro crisis we will provide present exchange rates by email on request).

End of this commercial break; normal blogging will resume shortly!


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