Thursday, June 14, 2012

More deception and delay over our dead fish and fraudulently denuded fisheries.

There was no Ministerial Debate scheduled in Parliament over the recent EU Fisheries meeting. Instead the Government covered the latest delay in tackling the question of dicarded fish by means of an "Urgent Question"; The brief debate as recorded in Hansard is linked from here.

The fisheies minister, Richard Benyon, a true Tory in the mould of Heath and Ripon who lied in Parliament about the Conservative Party never giving up national control of Britain's fish (and according to Wikipedia linked from this blog earlier this week is himself reputed to have received £2 million pounds in payments under the EU's Common Agricultural Policy, due from his inherited wealth from the one time Conservative PM Lord Salisbury). Among other smug and self-satisfied remarks on a policy change that carries no date for its implementation, he made the following astounding statement, indicating thet even he, as Minister, has been unable to discover who actually owns Britain's fisheries quota under the disgusting scam that is the supposed EU Fisheries policies which has destroyed the fish stocks in UK waters while making foreigners rich and our fisherman destitute:

It is a priority quickly to overcome the absurd position that we do not know who holds quota in this country. We want to work with devolved Governments to make sure that we have that register as quickly possible to ensure that we know and perhaps to slay some of the urban myths that football clubs and celebrities own quota. I have never managed to find out the facts about this.

Restoring fish to UK waters and a livliehood to our fisherman can only be accomplished when the EU has no say whatsoever in our national affairs. Repatriation of our fisheries was Conservative Party policy until reversed by the present leadership.

An accounting for what has occurred within the EU, now that it is finally in its death throes, will be difficult for most recent politicians and should be made extremely costly. What they have wrought in our marine environment, is an absolute disgrace given that the UK has the largest sea waters of any EU member state. Watching Westminster live during this debate was enough to make one's flesh creep at the self-congratulatory claptrap being uttered, as Hansard only calmly reflects.



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