Sunday, June 24, 2012

Marr Show weekly demonstrates the urgent need to kill off the BBC

Last week the main guest of the BBC supposed flagship current affairs programme was ex EU Commissioner and New Labour Fixer Peter (now Lord Mandelson). This week it is Tony Blair.

If it were just the main guests illustrating the rooted bias of the BBC it would be bad enough, but consider recent lists of newspaper reviewers and other supporting cast interviews to which the country has been subject via its extravagantly subsidised state broadcaster.

Also on the show will be the Cabinet Minister, slimeball MP, Andrew Mitchell - try to catch him for he is a living example of what rises to the top of the modern conservative party, how it gets there and the thoroughly warped mindset that seems necessary so to do and typifies both the BBC and the ruling British establishment now entering it sixth decade in the completely planned bankrupting and denigration of our nation.

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