Wednesday, June 20, 2012

G20 leaders abandon Europe's peoples to a Popperian Tyranny

President Obama of the USA, of course, led the way in pushing for further integration, consolidation and it must inevitably follow - oppression, in Europe, with the probable tool being the yet to be ratified appalling ESM Treaty.

If the structures of Europe were considered worth continuing the people of the Euro Group would be prepared to lend their Sovereigns their savings, cash and investments confident they would provide secure and real returns.

They will not because it is impossible for any sane or prudent or sensible and responsible individual, with the interests of self, his family or other loved ones in mind, to invest in a thoroughly rotten and corrupt pan-European institution whose leaders lie at every opportunity and which was established by trickery and deceit with its real objectives always kept concealed.

EU Commission President Barroso claiming it as "democratic" in his widely televised temper tantrum to a Canadian journalist early in this G20 typified for the world the dangers Europe now faces. The fact that the leaders of the largest countries in the world left Europe to that fate without demure and the words used by President Obama to justify and describe "progress" in that approach will likewise be long remembered:

"None of them are going to be a silver bullet that solves this thing entirely ...... in the next week or two weeks or two months, but each step points to the fact that Europe is moving towards further integration rather than break-up," Mr Obama told reporters 
(Emphasis added by this blogger).

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