Sunday, June 17, 2012

French hypermarket chain sells its Greek interests for €1

Carrefour have sold their half share in the supermarket chain in Greece, to their local partner for a reported price of one euro, see here. Whatever the election result of the voting today, Greek shoppers will be suffering for many years to come!

As Greece was the first Euro Zone country into the mess, which is the same everywhere in Euroland, except so far in Finland, Germany and the Netherlands; might they not have done better to wait and see how many drachma that could have been? At least that revived currency might have some sort of longer term future?

Look after the €uros and the world economy can take care of itself, has been the attitude of Europe's Eurozone leaders for decades, they should be shunned at the G20 in Mexico tomorrow, their stupidity and incompetence has been breathtaking for years, but during the past twenty-five months it has become totally shameless and completely unforgiveable!



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