Saturday, June 30, 2012

Treason at the Top - How corruption in Downing Street now permeates through national life!

A posting on this blog from Saturday, October 02, 2010 (unhappily like many others no longer easily publicly available):

Can Prime Ministers Constitutionally Deliberately Bankrupt their Countries?

In Ireland it is now clear that a decision by that country's Prime Minister to give an open ended pledge to back its banks will inevitably lead to the bankruptcy of the nation. In the UK the Prime Ministerial decisions over RBS, Northern Rock and the Prime Ministerial machinations regarding the takeover of HBOS by Lloyds will eventually be seen to have the same result. In the case of Gordon Brown, the sell off of national assets in the form of the Inland Revenue offices started way back in the last century. Illegal expenditure beyond Parliament's approval was identified by the National Audit Office as Parliament prorogued in July 2009 as I blogged here and here. What kind of democracies allow the PM and his Finance Minister to commit endless amounts of expenditure to crooks , spivs and cheats without any parliamentary review nor constitutional restraints. Such behaviour has to be illegal!

Clearly, evidence everywhere now abounds, to the effect that within the framework of the present EU, Prime Ministers may do exactly that.

Is it not time that the present Downing Street encumbent together with his Deputy and his three or four immediate predecessors be brought to face justice and have all the full facts exposed as to how our country was brought to its present state? In removing Margaret Thatcher who appeared ready to take steps to prevent this inevitable result, Tory Grandées Heseltine and Clarke should also be placed under full criminal investigation.

The Libor disgrace was within the City and the banks, worse was clearly occurring across many other areas of our national public life. Its source lay within Downing Street, and does so to this day - read David Cameron's shameful nonsense in the Sunday Telegraph this morning from here.

Much of the background to this treason may be read about from Free Nations, linked here. (Surely the time predicted in the final paragraph has arrived?)

Much else is fully detailed in now nearly nine and a half years of almost daily posting in the incomplete archives of this blog (Blogger limits the number of posts saved each month, cutting the numbers available to the public by almost 50%. I have, however, access to the full record for the moment). There are also happily many more internet sites and bloggers almost daily appearing, many dedicated to exposing the facts which as the EU cracks apart are bound to become publicly known.


ESM ratification progress towards tyranny!

There was no new firewall, no new funding nor was there any substantive progress on solving the EU's existentialist crisis during the 19th summit held to discuss this ever growing disaster held in Brussels at the dog end of this week.

Progress towards ratification of the "agreements" that will become the chosen instruments of the tyranny now being drawn up by the EU for the soon to be completely crushed and impoverished peoples of Europe, may be seen from page 10 of the EU document linked here. Germany, signed up last night, even though the version agreed had already been changed that day in Brussels, what hope for legality?

The true extent of this week's failure may be seen in this graphic from Zero Hedge, linked here.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

The refreshing innocence of Stacey Dooley on the EU Crisis

May I suggest, for those who may have missed last evenings 8 pm TV Programme on BBC Three TV, that time be found to watch on BBC ipod, the programme by Stacey Dooley on the present Greek tragedy. Her refreshing innocence verging from time to time on naivety and bravery in riots and facing the threats of riot police goons in a wealthy suburb, speaks volumes on not only the distress of the people of Greece but the present generation of youngsters in England.

The touching attempt to help at least one family of the EU's victims with which the programme ended, with the hope that such aid might continue beyond her departure from Greece, might best be achieved if some of our politicians were prompted to reassess their own cynicism.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Banking versus Democray - A new report from Positive Money

Click here for a link to the pdf file with this very timely report!

The Executive Summary opens as follows:

This report asks if power has shifted from Westminster down the river to the City of London. What we find is a banking system that has more ‘spending power’ than the democratically elected government, no accountability to the people, and massive concentration of power in the hands of a few individuals.

However, the greatest concern is that government
has surrendered one of its most important
powers—the power to create money and control
the money supply—to the private sector which has
exploited this power to blow up housing bubbles
and indirectly transfer wealth upwards and inwards,
with disastrous results. There has been no democratic
debate about this transfer of power, and no
law actively sanctions the current set-up.
As the last few years have shown, the banking
sector can have a serious negative impact on our
lives. Leaving it with such a huge and unaccountable
degree of power is no more likely to work in the
best interests of society or democracy in the future
than it has in the past.

The web site for Positive Money is as follows:

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How Barclays once tried to trouser my cash!

Nothing much surprises me about Britain's bigger banks. I moved my account from NatWest to Barclays after the former paid my salary cheque into somebody else's account for three months running, without notification until threats were issued when I consequently became overdrawn, and a subsequent refusal to remove the charges they therefore imposed nor any attempt to issue sufficient apology for the inconvenience caused. That was in the late nineteen-sixties when my particular Barclays experience began.

I gave up on Britain for the second time in the late nineteen-eighties, when my current account was still with Barclays.  For the British business I had started up in the interim, I chose to bank with Lloyds, comment enough  on my long Barclays experience. Paperwork involved in changing regular payments, like thousands others I suspect, had kept me with that bank.

As the years overseas passed by, my use of this UK current account dwindled, thus without notification Barclays closed the account. In 2002 my daughter was to attend a British University, in expectation of her needing funds and opening her own account I transferred a largish sum, sufficient for accomodation expenses and all the usual undergraduate purchase that would be necessary, to my Barclays account, fortunately from a UK branch of HSBC.  When I presented myself at the Barclays branch of the University town concerned, to draw that cash as I believed I had arranged, I was told they had neither record of my account nor of the funds transfer.

Eventually as I had happily made such transfer through a UK bank, I recouped the potential loss of those not inconsiderable funds, I was too dejected and defeated to pursue the struggle for the lossed balance on the closed account. Nor did I have the time or energy to pursue the matter with the supposed UK banking regulators, why waste one's energy when such possibly dishonest inconsistencies seemed to be becoming the norm.

So am I surprised at the news of Barclay's manipulation of Libor and the apparent unwillingness of the UK police or criminal prosecutors to get involved? Not at all!

What does surprise me is this aspect, which the UK media seems to have so far  to have left unreported or commented upon: Libor (as explained by a regulator interviewed on TV in this case,) has input from sixteen London based banks, interest rates paid are submitted and the higher four and lower four are dropped before averaging the other eight to set the index interest rate level. It appears for any manipulation to be effective at least five banks would need to be involved, which banks, therefore, are the others involved with Barclays.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Communist President of Bankrupt Cyprus to Assume EU Presidency

The headline to this post is true. Even this blogger could not have made that up!

Read the whole horror story from the Sydney Morning Herald, linked here.

Surely even the most died in the wool EU federalist fanatic or corrupt apparatchic who has been raking in the benefits for years must now realise that the  horror story the EU has become, MUST be brought to a close before this weekend, when to quote the Australian newspaper just published the following id due to occur:

When Cyprus takes over the EU's rotating presidency on Sunday, it will have one qualification that could help endear it to the crisis-weary bloc and its 495 million citizens: it, too, is nearly broke.

The country was forced on Monday to request a bailout for its ailing banking sector from the group of nations it is supposed to lead. Economists estimate Cyprus needs as much as $12.5 billion to shore up its public sector and banks.

Only hours before, its communist President, Demetris Christofias, had attacked the EU, saying the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund had operated like a ''colonial force''.

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My comment to John Redwood's "MUST READ" posting today

Martin Cole
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A hugely important post to be ignored at our peril, especially for the City of London, (see my blog post of yesterday and Pan-European Totalitarianism from 2003 on Samizdata).

My post to Samizdata on Pan-European Totalitarianism from 9th February 2003 is linked here.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Moody's approaches reality in Spain

Anybody looking at Spain, its housing bust, its unemployment, its membership of a potentially tyrannical and certainly dis-functional trading block called the EU, would immediately realize that unless all those basic facts are reversed there is no hope for the country nor the economic welfare of its people.

Yet last night's multiple downgrade of its banks by Moody's, rated only the bonds of Bankia as junk. Read here

Mr. de Guindos, however , yesterday accepted the suicidal interdependence of the Spanish banks and Spanish state, read an earlier comment on that aspect from last April from hereaptly titled Hazardous Tango.

Here lie the real political risks that makes all such banks unsuitable for investment. Banks domiciled in Spain, even those having strong overseas assets, are subject to the demands of the Spanish State and soon perhaps an authoritarian, anonymously EU controlled, non-democratically accountable Regulator, who could sequestrate assets at will, or upon a mere whim or unsubstantiated market rumour.

If Britain stays within the EU and goes along with such activities and practices within the Euro Zone, then the suspicion will grow that such financial tyranny could eventually extend to London, that then would be the greatest danger for the Corporation of the City, putting the risks of giving the people a say in their country's future by means of an EU referendum (see my tweet of last evening, on this,) into utter insignificance! 

If Cameron goes along with whatever occurs in Brussels from this Thursday and on into next weekend, that is when a capital flight could begin from London, then Britain truly will be tied to Europe forever and Europe will be a tyranny as defined by Karl Popper, where the rulers may only be replaced by bloodshed.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Cameron should concentrate on banking threat to Britain from the EU this week

The Bank of International Sattlements, based in Basel Switzerland, is a very powerful body. We should pause for thought and preparation, therefore, when it backs an action, perhaps to be agreed this very week, which will wipe out Britain as an independent nation once and for all.

As is usual in matters related to the EU, the UK media are virtually silent on the matter this morning, so let me quote the following from New Zealand, linked here:

The endorsement by the BIS, a global forum for central banks, will add momentum to proposals for a single supervisor for big euro area banks, pan-European deposit insurance and a fund to wind down cross-border lenders in trouble.
The ideas will be discussed at a European Union summit in Brussels on June 28/29, the 19th such meeting to try to quell the euro zone's 2-1/2-year-old debt and banking crisis.
The crisis is complicated by the interdependence of heavily indebted governments and the banks that help to finance them by buying their bonds. Germany, the EU's paymaster, is opposed to asking its taxpayers to backstop other countries' banks.
''If adopted, these measures will break the adverse feedback between the banks and the sovereign and other destructive links that are making the crisis so severe,'' the BIS, based in Basel, Switzerland, said in its annual report.
Common banking rules would shore up confidence in the euro because depositors would no longer have a reason to flee lenders they fear might fail, the BIS said. Greek banks have lost about 30 per cent of their deposits since the start of 2010.
''With day-to-day normality attained through a unified currency and banking system, leaders will have the time they need to finish building the broader institutional framework that the monetary union needs for its long-term viability,'' the report said.
It said recent banking union proposals offered quick progress because they would operate within the existing terms of economic and monetary union.
''The conclusion is hard to escape that a pan-European financial market and a pan-European central bank require a pan-European banking system,'' the BIS said. ''Banks in Europe must become European banks.''

Emphasis of the final paragraph of the above quote was added by this blogger.

So what is our Government doing about this grave threat to our national independence? Looking at the newspaper bible of the modern Conservative Party under David Cameron's leadership this morning, we read the following:

Overhaul the benefits system, says David Cameron

David Cameron is to admit that the welfare system is causing “huge resentment” for hard-working taxpayers as he pledges to target working-age families in a “fundamental” overhaul.

Yes really!

The Torygraph does however have mention of the BIS and its Annual Report, how it chooses to report that matter may be seen from this link.

Extraordinary is it not, yet I bet if you asked most Brits on their way to work this morning if they believed Britain still had a free press and broadcast media, they would reply in the affirmative! That is where our freedoms went, mostly thanks to  blinkered and uncaring ignorance.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thought for Sunday - Lord's prayer has only 66 words

Pythagoras' theorem – 24 words.

Lord's Prayer – 66 words.
Archimedes' Principle – 67 words.
10 Commandments – 179 words.
Gettysburg address – 286 words.
US Declaration of Independence – 1,300 words.
US Constitution with all 27 Amendments – 7,818 words.
EU regulations on the sale of cabbage – 26,911 words
Another week of the seemingly never ending €uro crisis lies ahead, can a clue as to its deeper cause be drawn from the above?

H/T Acting Man/Seeking Alpha

Marr Show weekly demonstrates the urgent need to kill off the BBC

Last week the main guest of the BBC supposed flagship current affairs programme was ex EU Commissioner and New Labour Fixer Peter (now Lord Mandelson). This week it is Tony Blair.

If it were just the main guests illustrating the rooted bias of the BBC it would be bad enough, but consider recent lists of newspaper reviewers and other supporting cast interviews to which the country has been subject via its extravagantly subsidised state broadcaster.

Also on the show will be the Cabinet Minister, slimeball MP, Andrew Mitchell - try to catch him for he is a living example of what rises to the top of the modern conservative party, how it gets there and the thoroughly warped mindset that seems necessary so to do and typifies both the BBC and the ruling British establishment now entering it sixth decade in the completely planned bankrupting and denigration of our nation.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Farage debates a Lib/Dem EU fanatic's fantasies for France24

Friday, June 22, 2012

Moody's Banks' Downgrade & the RBS/NatWest Account Chaos

Yesterday the glitches within the RBS/Nat West account handling electronic systems affected my family as far apart as Chicago and SW France, although we do not use either bank on a day to day basis! What disasters that possibly lie ahead does last evenings downgrade of so many mighty names in world banking by the rating agency Moody's portend?

Some media sources suggest that the account guarantees offered by the sovereign authorities of the country in which such banks are domiciled give reason for us all not to worry, small comfort when a click of the mouse will take you to other crisis reports which describe how such sovereigns are themselves in hock to the self-same banks! Smaller still when looking at the calibre of the politicians who run the sovereigns that will supposedly stand behind such commitments. A large sack of spuds somewhere in the kitchen might be a better back-up. Nat West, Sky News has just announced, has some customer accounts that have gone without an update for three days and that the problems continue to be unresolved - this from a banking group almost entirely now owned by British taxpayers!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Heywood's never-ending cuts, Doctors discontent and braving Britain's bankruptcy.

Cruising in the Med some twenty odd years ago my step-son, then around 11 years old suffered a nasty collision between his face and an out of control winch handle. We put into Gibraltar and at the Royal Naval hospital he was x-rayed, treated and comforted and combined with the delights of the islands and coasts of our cruise, he suddenly professed a desire to join the RN as a career. I cautioned that holding joint US citizenship as he did, that should he wish to pursue a "seagoing" career, he had better aim at the US Navy.

Doctors and Consultants in the NHS and Mandarin Senior Civil Servants, ripping off Britain's taxpayers in a multitude of highly discreet ways as they do, may not have enjoyed similar options, but coming as they mainly do from the well-educated levels of the upper middle-classes they should have foreseen that the institution which they were joining for a lifelong career, was led by obviously dishonest manipulators - the politicians of the two main parties and was therefore heading for certain and early bankruptcy.

These powerful groups are now stuck with the results of their earlier career decisions, just as the middle and upper management of such companies as Enron, with no knowledge or culpability for the mispractises at the top, were stuck with their redundancy. Read what Britain's Senior Civil Servant now has to say on the nation's prospects for the coming years in the Daily Telegraph today from here.

Britain was a prosperous world trading country and its public servants enjoyed the benefits that such accrued. The upper middle classes, have supported our entry into the EU, the effects of which THEY are now suffering. In Asia, Australasia and elsewhere there are incredibly prosperous booming economies. Our upper class influential opinion formers have all along the way supported policies that have put trade with these areas beyond Britain's reach and bound us tightly to a sclerotic, cancerous and now barely living corpse that is the EU.

In the process thay have removed the democratic accoutrements that would have earlier allowed full debate on these issues and driven us to a sensible and soundly based national financial future which the country does not possess today.

I am afraid the senior civil servants of Britain, attract my extreme distaste while the doctors of the dreadful NHS get none of my sympathy. These are the people who have set our course towards the rocks, taking "industrial action" as we are about to hit, when we could be turning about, seems odd and ignores the long-coming realities!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

G20 leaders abandon Europe's peoples to a Popperian Tyranny

President Obama of the USA, of course, led the way in pushing for further integration, consolidation and it must inevitably follow - oppression, in Europe, with the probable tool being the yet to be ratified appalling ESM Treaty.

If the structures of Europe were considered worth continuing the people of the Euro Group would be prepared to lend their Sovereigns their savings, cash and investments confident they would provide secure and real returns.

They will not because it is impossible for any sane or prudent or sensible and responsible individual, with the interests of self, his family or other loved ones in mind, to invest in a thoroughly rotten and corrupt pan-European institution whose leaders lie at every opportunity and which was established by trickery and deceit with its real objectives always kept concealed.

EU Commission President Barroso claiming it as "democratic" in his widely televised temper tantrum to a Canadian journalist early in this G20 typified for the world the dangers Europe now faces. The fact that the leaders of the largest countries in the world left Europe to that fate without demure and the words used by President Obama to justify and describe "progress" in that approach will likewise be long remembered:

"None of them are going to be a silver bullet that solves this thing entirely ...... in the next week or two weeks or two months, but each step points to the fact that Europe is moving towards further integration rather than break-up," Mr Obama told reporters 
(Emphasis added by this blogger).

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Removing Barroso and Van Rompuy only hope for EU reputation

The French voters have dealt with President Sarkozy for his mishandling of the EU crisis, German voters will shortly do the same for Chancellor Merkel, but what can the citizens of Europe do to remove the clowns who head the EU Commission and bear full time, everyday responsibility for almost the entire mess? Read here.

Now all can see the disastrous result of the democratic deficit in the EU upon which this blog has long prattled, largely unheard and certainly ignored for many years.

In Mexico yesterday Van Rompuy and Barroso, both ridiculously supposed EU Presidents, muddied the reputation of Europe below even that at the time of the Second Battle of Passchendaele - a truly horrifying achievement:

Europe's other citizens could demand thay these two be stripped of their EU citizenship, but is that not the objective to which we will soon all aspire?

End the EU and they will soon disappear into the obscurity that their lack of sense or talents requires, the nations of Europe could still achieve that if they listened to their own citizens and national voters! They will continue to ignore them at their peril now that the long expected chaos has arrived.

End this EU misery, that is the solution to Europe's crisis!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Why would second placed Syriza enter a coalition on these results?

Given the 50 extra seats awarded to the winner, and the narrow 2.77% lead it took to gain them and the trend of voting between the two Greek elections and the disparity in voting between the old and the young - only one conclusion seems sensible this evening - CHAOS and UNCERTAINTY must continue for Greece


Special June Offers on our English/French books

Our publisher, Le Croit Vîf, has a special offer for June, on the newly digitally published e-book versions of their general catalogue. This includes the Walks and Drives book shown below, written by my wife and myself and soon hopefully others she has written jointly with local French authors, one of which, Romanesque Reflections, has just won the book of the year prize for the ancient Saintonge region, awarded by the City of Saintes, on which I will be posting  in greater detail when I have more information.

These walks and drives books have much historical and other detail that many not visiting the Charentes have found of interest, here is the opening introduction to Book One which provides a flavour and is a foretaste of my latest book project which I explained on my first blog posting of today, immediately beneath this one.

 Here are a couple of scanned pages from the timeline at the end of the book which give an idea of the historical sweep we have tried to achieve:

Another fascinating historical book is that on the Hanseatic League, mentioned elsewhere on this blog, which was also published during the past month, some detail on which is here:

 Authors : Cole Maggie and Brosset Thomas

Take a step back in time to the Middle Ages, when Europe’s first common market, initially flourished under the auspices of the Hanseatic League. La Rochelle, in the heart of the Bay of Biscay, came to play an important role on the back of two much sought-after commodities: salt and wine. This past lives again thanks to the reunion of the old Hanseatic cities, which have regrouped 176 towns, with the aim of promoting tourism and cultural exchanges. Thomas Brosset and Maggie Cole invite you to embark on an astonishing voyage from La Rochelle on the French Atlantic seaboard, passing by the canals of Bruges, to the City of London, north to Bergen’s coloured houses in the Norwegian fjords, along the Baltic coast and to Novogorod – the gateway to Asia.
Bilingual book : french / english, supported by the City of La Rochelle.

All the books, including the English version of the recipe book on cooking with Cognac, as translated by my wife Maggie, many of which recipes I have savoured and thoroughly enjoyed, are also available online from Le Croit Vîf, click here. If you prefer we can send a signed copy in the post accepting payment with an English cheque,( in view of the Euro crisis we will provide present exchange rates by email on request).

End of this commercial break; normal blogging will resume shortly!

Reappraising our past to repair our present.

There was a front page article in the International Herald Tribune last Friday regarding finds in Northern Spain on cave art discoveries. In the British press it was reported in The Independent, linked here.

For several years, evidence has been mounting that crucially may change many longstanding assumptions about mankind's distant and perhaps much more recent past. If accepted and proven, they will hugely affect how we see ourselves and some earlier civilisations we previously admired, such as the Romans, upon whom the EU has so regrettably modelled itself.

As a navigator by training, only fairly recently arrived in South West France and having been investigating these matters from a Devon-born seafarer's viewpoint on the maritime connections between the peoples occupying the coastlines and immediate hinterlands of Western Europe and its immediate Atlantic islands' coastlines, I have now reached the point of compiling a mass of papers, files and internet links into book form for publication.

Blogging will therefore be more restricted in the coming months, although I will be following the crisis in the EU as it unfolds and reporting as mounting amazement occasionally compels me so to do, as unhappily this mess will deeply impact all our lives.

A note on the book project, it will be in English and French, for those are the languages mainly used today in the regions of interest. Richard the Lionheart (Cœur de Lion,) on his crusade to the Holy Land  (possibly driven by urges related to the population movements illustrated in the map above) actually spoke neither of these, reportedly using mainly oc and some il; merely one small insight into some of the fascinating detail, which thanks to the internet, I have been able to explore from the small rural village that is now my home, which sits on the line that once defined the border between these two tongues and reportedly many more, a cross roads of civilisations and possibly key to a quite different past than that we have been taught. An illusory past that seems to have driven us in a direction that may now be seen as perhaps to be driving us towards chaos!

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Enough Greek electoral folly - now back to Spain and Italy

Standard & Poor’s says the Spanish property crash is only halfway, yet the damage to the banking system so far has already forced the state to seek a €100bn (£80.4bn) bail-out. 

Spanish banks must roll over €545bn in debts, yet they are running out of collateral to borrow from the ECB. The banks can no longer prop up the state, and the state can no longer prop up the banks, and global investors will fund neither.

Ambrose Evan-Pritchard from the Telegraph this evening, linked here.

This blog predicted Greece would be a sideshow come the second election this year in Greece, with Spain and Italy at the forefront of concerns. I never would have guessed, however, that as the crunch moment arrived, the leaders of Germany, France and Britain would all be high-tailing it across the Atlantic to a beach resort in Mexico, for more wining, dining and pointless fantasy-world chat resolving nothing - (known in politer circles as the G20)

Why not inflate it up to the G100, like they did with our money for zero gain. G5, G7, G20 heck the precedent is set, the more countries the better the dinner conversation and the less chance of doing anything useful.

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The Tory "leadership con men" from Grocer Heath to Cocky Cameron.

Yesterday I blogged on Sir Alec Douglas-Home and Edward Heath, the latter failed at everything he attempted except the disasters of putting us under foreign control, destroying our democracy and an accountable parliament, facilitating the later sale of all our main industries and utilities and causing a miners strike. He is mainly remembered for the latter. (I described how he messed up on oil supplies with the Shah of Iran last year, linked here).

Heath also paved the way for many more years of socialist government of our country by Harold Wilson and Sunny Jim Callaghan, but also allowed his displacement as Tory leader by Margaret Thatcher, all her senior male colleagues lacking the backbone and moral courage to stand against Heath. I had fled to Texas by then but returned on the promise of a reduction in the tax rate from 83% on income plus another 15% on unearned money, whether National Insurance came on top of all that I cannot now recall.

Maggie tried her best but in the end was thwarted as even she ran into the restraints the EU had constructed around her, which she then added to by being duped into believing the Single European Act was a form of Thatcherism. Heseltine and Clarke bear much of the blame though the empty space that is John Major was the main beneficiary. (Further detail on thefirst two of those three may be expected as the EUself destructs and those responsible compete to shift the blame.) Here is my comment on John Major    .

For those who are forgetful of what occured next during the 13 years of New Labour under Blair and Brown, here is a photo gallery, of the Conservative low points to bring back your own particular gut-wrenching memories of those wasted years:

Surely he could have been relied upon to lose the election on his own, without the spending cuts and disappearing act sabotage, early in the campaign, of present day Minister for Policy at N° 10 and oft times Royal Park bins

Oliver Letwin Wikipedia now has only passing reference Letwin's City career, possibly as it didn't pay too well, thus perhaps causing him to put tennis court repair bills of £2,145 at his home down as parliamentary expenses:


IDS with the seal of the ancient Perugia University, which IDS did not attend to his right.Cast your minds back and now recall that even worse was to come,

Nevertheless Howard, emerged from the darkness of such nights, to go on to lead his party in replacement of IDS towards yet another General Election defeat

The group known as the Cambridge Mafia five went on into the Cabinet as Conservative Ministers, how many of those can you now recognise, one of course, the groom that day is still there. Answer from this BBC link.

Enough is being reported on Cameron and his quite hopeless bunch now in power for repetition here. Are they preparing for what is about to take place across the Channel, into which disaster they have entangled us, watch for the announcement of their excuses that they did not see it coming. As Nigel Lawson said on Sky News this morning, (yes there were some worthwhile individuals who clung on in the party in spite of the invariably clueless rising to the top,) he could see the Euro collapse coming; a DOOMSDAY machine was how he described it! One that required turning OFF!

So too did this blogger, read back over nearly ten years of posts, futilely raising the alarm about the tyranny, treachery and inevitable economic collapse we will tonight face.

Watch Greece and French election results tonight, then perhaps resolve never to vote for any candidates from the three main British political parties ever again, after all, it was we the voters, who let them get away with it for so long!

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