Saturday, May 12, 2012

Leveson nails the pure evil that Rebekah Brooks represents.

Lord Justice Leveson, as his inquiry into the role of the media in Britain steadily unfolds, is coming across to me as being the kind of upstanding public servant our nation once typified whom I believed had almost entirely disappeared, thus contributing to the descent of our society into almost complete decadence.

Rebekah Brooks, after several hours of grilling, all of which I watched, elusively epitomised the evil she so clearly represents and the total inability of her type to even begin to comprehend that anything she does or believes could possibly be wrong. Yesterday was an important landmark for the future course of our country, on which I will be blogging on the Orphans of Liberty blog, later to be repeated on this blog, sometime over the course of this weekend.

The section of the session that best reflected this mutual miscomprehension is best illustrated in my mind towards the end of the day , over a phrase used by The Sun over the illness of the son of ex-PM Brown, (when Brooks was not Sun editor but CEO) towards the end of the session regarding the statement that "The Sun" had been "smeared" by Brown (rather than being simply inaccurate in his assumptions) was indicative of the bullying philosophy behind the newspaper, whereby politicians, being dependent upon public opinion, were kept in line. (Interestingly the rolling Guardian blog on the proceedings does not include these exchanges between Leveson and Brooks, so I am unable to presently provide a link, but will do so when I can find one.)

The Liberal Democrats seemed mainly exempt from yesterday's revelations which IMO now must make their party particularly responsible for the future course of the country.

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