Friday, May 11, 2012

George Osborne discussed BSkyB bid with Brooks

Well Cameron was holed before lunch, as I blogged earlier, but this afternoon it appears both George Osborne and Jeremy Hunt have many, many questions now to answer, watch the news reports!! Not least Osborne's reaction to an Ofcom matter over a dinner party for just three couples including Brooks, and for Hunt his Department's position on asking advice from the Murdoch empire on the phone tapping inquiry matter.

It appears senior members of the Conservative Party are now completely adrift in a minefield with perhaps only Dominic Grieve emerging unscathed. One other fascinating query was raised, how much under Brooks's  thumb was the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls over the Baby P, Haringey sacking matter, or was that merely thrown up for mid-afternoon political balance by the inquiries accomplished questioner??

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