Friday, May 11, 2012

The complete and utter incompetence of all Britain's politicians.

"Where is HMS Ark Royal NOW? You scumbag politicians" this blog demanded to know in February 2011, when the jump jet aircraft carrier and its squadrons were  suddenly scrapped, mere weeks before opening an air campaign against Gaddafi's Libya.

Now that decision becomes even more grotesque and absurd as the Coalition Government does yet another 180 degree turn and announces the new carrier(s?) will revert to jump jets rather than fixed wing aircraft. Read here.  

This is merely a glaring example of the almost all encompassing waste and incompetence from a bunch of rank amateurs who have never had any experience of running anything other than their own corrupt party machines in their entire brief and pampered lives.

The Leveson inquiry, later today when it hears from Rebecca (sp??) Wade/Brooks, will demonstrate the kind of concerns that actually fills the mind of our useless Prime Minister, when he should instead be concerning himself with the welfare of the nation!

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