Friday, May 11, 2012

Brooks holes Cameron at Leveson before lunch.

Well I got the grass cut early and then watched the entirety of the Leveson inquiry questioning of Brooks before they broke for lunch, and gripping stuff it eventually turned out to be.

Early on there was much on Blair and Brown and it fairly quickly became clear she had these two almost completely house-trained from the start. The real meat came with Cameron, evasively she revealed  a relationship that was extremely close although many of the crucial text messages were now unavailable. It was towards the end over Home Office interference in the missing Madelaine case where the suggestion of her power over Government seemed most clear, until at the close the suggestion that Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve was never appointed to the Home Office apparently on the grounds of Brooks' objections, regarding Human Rights, appeared most damning for Cameron.

When I find a press report that jibes with my views of the proceedings I will link it from here.


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