Monday, April 09, 2012

Watch the bank holiday rain - consider the depths of the treachery - COMPLAIN!

Are you subject to a hosepipe ban?

Watch the rain on this bank holiday, then use the extra free time to consider the depths of the treachery by the nation's establishment in delivering your country to this pass. The Victorians made possible unlimited water supplies to our housing because our country was gifted with an abundance of the most precious of all resources - water.

Our present politicians have both handed these means of water delivery to foreigners to control and exploit while allowing mass uncontrolled immigration from other water scarce regions of the world. The water infrastructure has been neglected  and the charges collected mostly repatriated overseas, massive leakages compound the nation's plight.

For decades the British have allowed such abuses to occur across a broad range of the nations most important utilities and industries. Why not get on the telephone or send an email today to your local elected politician and let them know that you personally have had enough!

Water, water every where
Nor any drop to drink

To bring this situation to pass in Britain takes incompetence or corruption on a simply massive scale!

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Anonymous Mike Spilligan said...

It's absolutely a waste of time complaning to MPs. They send a reply - the one authorised by their party HQ - usually saying in a very roundabout way, "Nothing can be done". What a waste of space they truly are.
What ought to happen is that water consumers should be able to fine the supplying companies £1000 for failing to meet their obligations.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bigger strategic failure has been to encourage development in that part of the country devoid of necessary resources, i.e. the South East.
Elsewhere there is an abundance of water (for drinking and hydro power), coal, wind, tide, along with land and labour, most of which cannot be relocated cost-effectively to where they are needed.
By continuing to attract all development into the M25 Zone (HS2, Heathrow etc), they are simply making it worse.

Instead of moving the resources to the demand, try moving the demand to the resources. Then use the South East for its natural talent of growing crops.
That's a proper strategy.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Magnum said...

Just before the UK’s 2007 floods, Christopher Booker said that “capital spending on water is skewed by the need to comply with three EU water-purification directives. On 24 April, Lord Pearson pointed out in the Lords that, up to 1997, we had spent £48billion on complying with the often absurdly over-the-top requirements of these directives (the companies had to spend over £3billion, for instance, on ‘denitrification plants’ to solve a problem that turned out not to exist). Lord Pearson asked the minister how much more money had been largely wasted on these directives since 1997, and how much had been spent on the infrastructure needed to improve the efficiency of our water-supply and sewerage systems. In a letter, Lord Rooker, as ‘minister for sustainable farming and food’, has now given the answer. Spending to comply with the directives now totals £65billion. Only £14billion has been left for infrastructure.”

4:00 PM  
Anonymous farmland investments said...

Certainly one of the true policy failures of UK governments over the years. What's ironic is that some of these core infrastructure assets in areas such as water and electricity have been sold to the French, who of course would never permit the same type of acquisitions by foreigners in France. Then again, what else can one expect from a system that allows mega-political donors to buy meetings with the head of government.

5:09 AM  

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