Monday, April 02, 2012

Treasures from the threads - Number 73 Crooked Cameron.

An article in the Daily Telegraph, by James Kirkup and Holly Watt, reports widespread dissatisfaction with Cameron and Osborne amongst Tory MPs in Westminster, linked here, has recieved this telling comment:

I wonder if the fuel panic was sufficient to boost output and keep our GDP just high enough to avoid the dreaded double dip recession? The possibility will not have been lost on Mr Osborne

David Cameron and George Osborne are now firmly lodged in the public's mind for the cheapskate but posh, snivelling, insubstantial, second rate tricksters they have always quite obviously been. The electorate and their party ludicrously gave them the benefit of the doubt over perhaps having some principles and/or morality for far, far too long. Who can possibly do so today.

The country must now await the latest maiden speech of George Galloway MP, who will hopefully address the wider spread dissatisfaction and distress across the nation and thereafter the collapse of this dreadful coalition with a General Election and hopefully alongside a concurrent referendum on the question of our future with the EU as it collapses.It is the EU that has corrupted our existing political parties, they and it must be abandoned!

Update 0830 BST It appears the entire Telegraph Group have also decided Cameron must go, read Iain Martin linked here.

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