Sunday, April 08, 2012

Sarkozy, increasingly desperate, dangles "EU empty chair" threat

The French elections are now the centre of the crisis for the EU. France will be whipped back into subservience by German economic might once a new puppet government is comfortably installed back in place to continue the charade of ongoing national sovereignty. Yet enough of hard, cold and fearsome facts, let's consider the theatrics on this Easter Sunday morning.

According to the Chicago Tribune, linked here, President Nicolas Sarkozy, has today told the weekly newspaper Journal du Dimanche that he is prepared to cut across the EU monopoly in both trade matters and the Schengen free movement of people requirements or ape the "empty chair policy" once used by his more substantial predecessor President Charles de Gaulle.

His statement on public utilities is truly laughable, when you think of the plight of Britain, with its water industry asset stripped practically bare by the French, where leakages are so widespread that even in our rainy island a hose pipe ban has been widely enforce even before Easter across much of Southern and Eastern England, a quote from the article:

"All the public markets on our continent have been open since 1994. In Japan the only open market is water. In China � no public market is open," he said.

"All I am saying is, show reciprocity. Otherwise, French public contracts will only be awarded to companies that produce in Europe. When General de Gaulle instigated his empty chair policy in 1965 he obtained the Common Agricultural Policy and pushed Europe forward."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the moment French public contracts are only awarded to French suppliers.
Ever seen any public utility vehicles in France which were made by anyone other than Peugeot/Citroen/Renault ? Me neither.
Small man speak with forked tongue !

10:52 AM  

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