Sunday, April 15, 2012

One hundred years ago German Imperialism began to replace the Pax Britannica.

One hundred years ago today the RMS Titanic first arrived at its graveyard resting place on the sea-bed of the North Atlantic. With it perished 1513 people. Among those was W.T. Stead, a founding member and leading light of the secretive Round Table organisation, which thus came under the control of the German Alfred Milner, later becoming 1st viscount Milner.

The Titanic, which was to have served to strengthen the links between the English  speaking peoples of the world, lay instead a useless rotting metal hulk at the bottom of the sea. The dreams for the Round Table organisation, now active throughout the world, may too have been bent to other purposes, which due to its secretive founding principles will never publicly be known. So too its junior feeding organisation, Crusaders, even more secretive and obnoxious in this blogger's experience of its activities, could well have followed.

The demented Kaiser Wilhelm II in Germany must have spent a huge day of celebration one hundred years ago. His crazed dreams in only a couple of years yet to then pass would lead to misery and slaughter on a massive scale, as similar centennial dates will soon pass, one by one to illustrate and highlight the misery this man wrought.

Nazi Germany became obsessive about the Titanic sinking, perhaps sensing the historical pivotal moment  the event represented, and propaganda minister Joseph Goebells spent years and billions in recreating the event, some footage from which can be seen in, "A Night to Remember".

Yet it is only today, through the machinations of the corrupt and evil EU, after all the deaths made pointless in two world wars, that the crazed ambition of Prussian Imperialism that festered in the Kaiser's head is beginning to emerge triumphant, aided by the dreadfully low calibre of Europe's national leaders, who have sold out their peoples' democracies for the unachievable illusions of Toynbee socialism with which Milner's ambitions appear to have been disguised. 

What we see in the EU today is a complete abandonment of the concepts of solidarity and mutual co-advancement being replaced by naked asset stripping of countries impoverished by the deliberate mismanagement of the euro common currency. Is Europe now about to witness a repeat of the Germanisation of Alsace and Lorraine as occurred between 1871 and 1918? What is the difference between those dreadful years and today, mainly perhaps, in that Britain now has opted to place itself under German control along with the other economically powerless nations on the Continent.

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