Thursday, April 19, 2012

The knives are out for Sir Jeremy Heywood!

Quentin Letts wrote a brilliant article on the odious Sir Jeremy Heywood which appeared in The Spectator, 17th March edition, on which I blogged on 15th March which is linked here.

Today, the same magazine, has a follow-up piece by James Forsyth, full of criticism of Heywood's takeover of the Number 10 policy unit, which may be read from here. That Speccie article concludes with the following paragraph, a dire warning for Cameron in light of the latest Home Office fiasco:

Throughout his leadership of the Tory party, Cameron’s saving grace has been that he’s managed to change direction just before it’s too late. At the moment, though, he does not appear to be in the mood for doing that. One confidant says, ‘He doesn’t think there’s an existential threat to his premiership. It takes a lot to shake him out of his complacency.’ Cameron is used to having his critics talk this way, but when his friends join in then he ought to take notice. There are, after all, only a certain amount of mistakes and U-turns that a government can survive before it loses its most valuable asset: credibility.

Perhaps Cameron's only hope, at this late stage, is throwing the Knights of the Civil Service overboard, they are expendable and make perfect jetsam, thereafter we could as a country face up to the real crisis which is caused by the EU and is rapidly getting out of control!

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