Thursday, April 26, 2012

Governance by Troika

Ireland reaches the halfway stage of its supposed limited period of direct rule by foreigners today, with no signs that any real steps have been taken to heal its economy or repay its debts. Yet the figurative jackboot over Ireland's fate is grinding ever further into the flesh and fabric of the country. The following is the final paragraph of the report on this anniversary by Irish broadcaster RTE, linked here:

Other aspects of the troika talks have concentrated on reforming social welfare and so called labour activation measures for the unemployed, the introduction of water meters and charges, and the sale of some state assets.

Britons would be seriously misguided if they believe they can continue within the EU with a man of the dreadfully weak character and lack of substance such as Cameron in Downing Street and not eventually suffer exactly the same fate - indeed are not compulsory water meters already been placed on the agenda?

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