Friday, April 20, 2012

George Osborne throws £10 Billion more at dying EU via the IMF

Osborne's statement on his latest atrocious waste of UK taxpayer's money concludes as follows:

"...Should these additional resources be used, they would support well designed IMF programs with appropriate conditionality and risk mitigating measures would apply. Australia will contribute $7 billion, Singapore $4 billion, Republic of Korea $15 billion and the United Kingdom $15 billion."

That is clearly untrue, as the funds will go to support member states of the Euro who are prevented from devaluing to thus return their economies to competitiveness (always a requirement of earlier IMF rescues)!

Britain's leaders are in the process of deliberately destroying the remaining assets of the people of Britain, after years of squandering the former wealth of the nation merely to rotate in power with other politicians for the personal gain, power, pensions and perks of them all!

A halt must be called.

This blog has tried to warn its readers of the consequences of their rulers greed, dishonesty and incompetence for years.

As I feel tonight, I cannot usefully type, think, say or protest any longer. This  may thus be my final posting. Of all the pointless ends I have envisaged down the years, nothing has been as bad as what I now foresee as about to unfold.

Good luck to all, except all those hundreds of thousands partly or fully involved in this dreadful EU conspiracy!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I fear MC that the general public are mostly unaware of what is going on - the stupidity of our newspapers and the mendacity of the BBC have conspired to keep them in the dark.

With the 'right' blaming the welfare state and the 'left' blaming the bankers we have a perfect storm of an idealogical civil war that could very well turn into real civil disturbance (we've already seen that)

The one bright light - and it is a very cynical point of view of someone who loathes the European Union - is that the strife in the south will awake those who are sleepwalking into this technocratic fascist state.

It is a message we must try and keep on pushing - heaven knows, from someone who has been following you for several years now, you've done your best.

8:37 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

The EU will not last as long as the USSR did. It cannot last much longer. Hang on in there,it cannot go on for ever.

8:54 PM  
Blogger Admiral J Sparrow said...

Martin please do not give up yet there is going to be some more monumental disasters to comment on further along the road-we await the collapse eu

9:50 PM  
Blogger Admiral J Sparrow said...

Martin please do not give up yet there is going to be some more monumental disasters to comment on further along the road-we await the collapse eu

9:51 PM  
Blogger strapworld said...

Now my dear pal you cannot stop when events (dear boy) are building up towards an almighty crash here in Blighty. The EU would be ecstatic if they thought you had given up. They would count it as a victory.

You are too much a patriot, too much a major thorn in the side of the EU you have to carry on to deliver, with John Ward and others, the final switch of the electric chair.

Who. if you could, would you place in that chair.

We are with you Martin.

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Tickety said...

Your posts have been eagerly read over the past year and I have passed on your blog to friends and family. I hope yu have a change of mind and carry the god fight to them. It will soon start falling and I will raise my hat to you for all you contributed. Many thanks.

7:00 AM  
Blogger Martin said...

Many thanks for all your kind comments. I will therefore plod on.

Some may think it strange that having read your comments I have decide to continue with a posting from Venezeula. I was in Caracas over thirty years ago and while there was great wealth disparity the people at the lower end of society seemed generally content and well fed. The poverty and distress caused by the extreme policies of Chavez is where the EU if it continues on its present course appears headed§ Worse even than I had imagined.

Once again thanks to you all for all of your support.

7:49 AM  

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