Saturday, April 14, 2012

FT finally raises its eyes from the sewer rat activities of the European Union!

No less a personage than the editor of the FT himself, Lionel Barker, has actually spent twelve days concentrating on something beyond the closed minds of his newspaper's normal EUcentric coverage and visited West Africa for something longer than a cursory look. Link here!

Following the track once beaten by Margery Perham, he has perhaps glimpsed the opportunities and rich heritage potentially lossed by Britain in its Pearson prodded obsession with the ever corrupt EU and its earlier constructs. About ten years ago I spent many hours contributing to the FT Forums on a wide range of subjects, writing as "NM" while hoping for some policy changes from what was at one time a fine newspaper. Is my ten year wait in hopelessness about to see results?

Who knows, perhaps this weekend it might be worthwhile spending a lot of of your badly depreciated pennies on what has become a shameless pink propaganda sheet for the thoroughly odious EU, perhaps a change of views is potentially in sight?

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