Sunday, April 01, 2012

EU money & influence in Britain's politics is the real corruption!

I hope regular readers had a chuckle at my weak attempt at an April's Fool first thing this morning (or poisson d'avril as they call it here in France).

Chris Booker in his Telegraph column this morning strikes directly at the real cause for outrage over the corruption of our politics in his column linked here.

The jerry can fiasco and the lies over the so-called pasty tax are both designed to disguise the true control our politicians have sold to the EU for their luxurious sinecures and perks which they maintain while playing out the charade that they remain in charge. Look at who owns what in England, EDF for example the Olympic sponsor with the patriotic advertising campaign, stands for Elédticité de France!

One day soon perhaps a party or movement, will rise to power, which will properly deal with the charlatans who daily continue to perpetrate this treason!

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