Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cameron seeks shelter from corruption charges by claiming "Commons" culpability!

The scumbags and rogues who infest and prosper from the common corruption across the Commons were called upon by Prime Minister Cameron today to rally to his defence on the grounds of common culpability, see Hansard from here, in particular this quote:

I think on all sides of the House there is a bit of a need to say, hand on heart, that we all did too much cosying up to Rupert Murdoch—I think we would agree.
It is the common corruption amongst the poltical class, which has rubbed off upon our civil service, that now needs to be addressed. Cameron's performance in the Palace of Westminster today could hardly have made that fact any more clear.

A week from tomorrow the voters of Britain will have their chance to make that plain fact clear. Do not vote for any representative of the three main parties and where there is no alternative do not vote at all, or register your thoughts on your ballot paper!


Anonymous Tickety said...

You can count on it Sir. And as many others as I can muster.

5:12 PM  

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