Friday, March 30, 2012

Francis Anthony Aylmer Maude MP Why near power! Not, why not resign?

The wikipedia entry on this individual is linked here. No wonder our nation is on its knees!

Everything he has been near or touched carries the taint of those things that are destroying Great Britain - Cambridge, Inner Temple, Morgan Stanley,Westminster Councillor, Assistant Whip, PC, the list is seemingly endless regarding his establishment contacts yet not one single actual accomplishment!

How typical of this entire Cabinet, it appears, if only there were somebody beyond this normal mode standing in the London Mayoral elections, totally unconnected from the three main parties. Then the great metropolis of London, England's Capital City, could register a protest against the ruling political non-entities and yes-men, just as Bradford West did last night!

If only Maude would resign, but that of course would be quite out of character, being a possibly human response to the foolish accident of the housewife tonight suffering 40% burns after transferring petrol from a can to jam jars (for her daughter to hoard on this Minister's advice), by the open flame of her cooker in her suburban kitchen.



Blogger WitteringsfromWitney said...

Whilst I do agree, IT, with your summation of Maude, I do have to question the mentality of one who would expose petrol fumes to an open flame........?

Hardly a reason for Maude to resign, surely? What is more a reason is that he is totally incompetent within the areas he assures us he has expertise!

Apols for what may seem a disagreement of what is normally agreed thinking.......

9:07 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

Is it any coincidence that Maude comes into the garden and gives a TV piece on topping up your fuel tank ahead of a petrol strike when his government is on the ropes about amongst other things a pasty tax that is really about fish and chips and the VAT on hot and take away food in general?

When the headlines were shouting about the granny tax, on the Friday after the budget up pops May to talk about a minimum tax on alcohol. Coincidence?

7:47 AM  
Blogger Martin said...

WoW I do agree with you. I came to the conclusion about his resigning at the start of the final paragraph rather than its end perhaps with his obvious lack of competence and conscience (whilst only mentioning humanity) clearly in my mind.

It appears from his career he has fought tooth and claw with every trick in the book to gain his present height on the greasy pole. The woman is a hopeless case delivered into her stupidity and self-harming ignorance by the political class Maude was born into and represents - of course such a man will never voluntarily contemplated ceding power once garnered for a moment.

He should be sacked on the spot, but whose bidding was he performing and in the answer to that lies also the reason why for the moment he will remain in post.

Robert, no doubt. Anything to keep the EU out of the headlines eh?

7:57 AM  

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