Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Who is Mr. Schäuble to ridicule Greece?" The EU's 'Big Question'

Read the article from Der Spiegel, linked here, before considering the question in the headline for this posting. The Greek President, after dinner with his senior defence personnel, then continued to ask: "Who are the Dutch? Who are the Finns?" First he prefaced the three questions with the following statements " "I don't accept insults to my country by Mr. Schäuble," a visibly angry Papoulias said. "I don't accept it as a Greek. Who is Mr. Schäuble to ridicule Greece?"

Here lies the essence of the whole matter and the entire euro dilemma. If the President of Greece wishes the answer to be anything other than "Our new national rulers" then there is only one course for Greece, and that is to default on its debts.

For EU member states not within the Euro Group they must NOW decide whether they wish to return to sovereign democratic independence or sign up for the emergent, non-democratic, centrally controlled, collectivist, undefended conglomerstate that the EU is set to become.

"Who rules" was the topic for my first ever posting to a blog, Samizdata, in February 2003, with that very question, it still needs answering, the link is here. The posting's title "Democracy or pan-European Totalitarianism" the question is that which has been shirked for decades but urgently requires consideration and answering now!

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