Thursday, February 09, 2012

Venizelos to present incomplete cuts package to Euro Group in Brussels!

The Irish Times as usual provides some good coverage on the dismemberment of Greece with this linked report on the Greek finance minister's planned trip to Brussels today.

Ekathimerini makes its headline the fact that the Troika are not requiring the €300 million of extra cuts to necessarily come from pensions, (as indicated in my first post of today from a German source,) merely that such an amount must be found somewhere. They have been given fifteen days to make a commitment to such further cuts, such commiment as for all those previously given, of course having no possibility of ever being met.  Read here

Now the Euro Group Finance Ministers, will presumably be summoned to Brussels to meet Mr Venizelos, under the Chairmanship of the ever more ridiculous (and increasingly appropriately named,) Jean-Claude Juncker, where they will supposedly commit zillions more of their taxpayer's funds to Greece, to allow Merkozy to reume their deranged electioneering in France in a grotesque pretence that something a teeny bit credible was actually underway.

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