Saturday, February 18, 2012

Two Grave Postings on Orphans of Liberty

I have already re-tweeted these items but they are of such crucial interest that must not be left like that.

Prodicus writing under the heading "Ancestral voices" is followed on OoL by James Higham with a much linked posting " "Has it started" best read it in that order by clicking on the postings' titles.

There is nothing I feel necessary to add at this stage, except perhaps in passing, probably co-incidentally, that the deadline for nominations for the post of head of the World Bank is chosen as the 23rd March. Also perhaps of significance is the fact that the announcement that the IMF will only cough up 10% towards the next Greek bailout, given last evening in Berlin, is everywhere ignored by the media, other than in the sources I provided when tweeting and blogging on the implications of such a move last evening!

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