Thursday, February 09, 2012

Troika try to set post-election policies for Greece

The tyrannical setting of post election policies by the EU/ECB/IMF Troika, begun in Portugal, effectively continued in Ireland, suspected in Spain now looks to be continuing in Greece. Yet Obama will meet one of the prime perpetrators in the Oval Office tomorrow.

Read the hugely suspicious statement from the Troika on Greece, linked here, from which comes the following:

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde was informed by Prime Minister Lucas Papademos of the deal reached among Greece's political leaders, Rice said.
He said the IMF believed it was vital that a deal between Greece and the so-called "troika" of IMF, European Union and European Central Bank partners helped Greece return to sustainable growth by cutting its debt burden and making its economy more competitive.
With Greek elections scheduled in April, the IMF will seek assurances from Greece's political leaders that any economic policy changes after the vote will be consistent with the objectives of a new bailout package, Rice said.



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